Turn a plastic cup into a DIY lantern with some creativity and a battery votive candle! Afterwards, take your lantern outside and light your way as you search for fireflies and other creatures of the night!


  • transparent or translucent plastic cup
  • permanent markers
  • hole puncher
  • string, twine or yarn
  • battery votive candle


    1. Doodle fun designs on a plastic cup with permanent markers.
      Step 1
    2. Once you have created your design, allow a minute or so for the marker to dry and then punch holes in the sides at the top of the cup.Step 2
    3. Thread a strand of twine, string or yarn through the holes and tie at each hole to form a handle for your lantern.Step 3
    4. Drop a battery votive light in the bottom of the plastic cup and you are all set!
      Step 4Take your lantern on an outdoor adventure! What creatures do you see at night? Frogs? Fireflies? What does nocturnal mean?

Caroline Gravino is a PBS Parents resident crafter and has more creative project ideas on her website, Salsa Pie Productions. She also shares videos on the PBS Parents YouTube channel.

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