Make your own snowflakes and enjoy the winter holidays!


  • pipe cleaners
  • wire
  • plastic spoon
  • large plastic cup
  • Borax


  1. 1Create your snowflake shape with pipe cleaners. Make sure you trim it so it will fit into your container when you dip it into the borax solution.
  2. Attach a piece of wire to one end of the snowflake and wrap the other end around the plastic spoon to make a T shape. Be sure to test that the snowflake, suspended by the spoon resting on the edges of the cup, will hang down in the water and can come easily in and out.
  3. Make your snowflake mixture by putting 3 tablespoons borax into the cup and 1 1/2 cups of very hot water. Mix until the borax is dissolved. 2(NOTE: Borax is soap and it's toxic, so please use your best judgment if you choose to use this with young children.)
  4. Hang your snowflake in the cup and let sit about six to eight hours. Be sure to check on it a few times to watch the progress and see your snowflake grow!
  5. Enjoy!

Vanessa Brown is a blogger who currently resides in Costa Rica with her four girls and husband. In her blog, I Never Grew Up, Vanessa writes about living abroad with little ones, kids’ activities, recipes, and everyday life.

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