Make your own water scope with materials found in the kitchen! Then take a peek at what is happening under the water surface without getting your hair wet.


  • cardboard carton, empty and rinsed
  • cutting knife (adults only)
  • gallon bag, freezer variety is best
  • rubber band


    1. Have an adult cut the top and the bottom off the cardboard carton.
      DIY Water Scope
    2. Take the gallon bag and wrap it around the bottom of the carton and hold it in place with the rubber band.
      DIY Water Scope
    3. Adjust it and remove wrinkles as needed.
      DIY Water Scope
    4. To use, press into water to get a view under the surface.
      water-scope 1

Amy Christie is a maker, baker, wife and mother of three. She loves everything handmade. You can find Amy and all her makings on her blog, this heart of mine. Follow along on Facebook too!

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