Use large paper doilies to create beautiful butterflies for Valentine’s Day or to celebrate spring.


  • paint or markers
  • paintbrushes
  • wooden clothespins
  • large round paper doilies
  • pipe cleaners
  • scissors
  • toilet paper tube
  • glue gun (optional)


    Doily butterflies

  1. Paint clothespins. Encourage your kids to paint or decorate their clothespins as they'd like. Place pins on a paper tube to dry.
  2. Fold a doily in half. This is to mark the center of the doily so the butterfly has "even" wings.
  3. Lace doily through the gap in the clothespin. Gently bunch the remaining bit of doily to create the wings. It may be easier to turn the Doily butterfliesclothespin upside down and then push the paper in.
  4. Cut pipe cleaners into 2 inch pieces and fold in half. Use a glue gun or other sticky-tacky glue to affix a pipe cleaner antennae on top of a clothespin.
  5. Doily butterflies

    To use this as a Valentine, affix a note or write a message directly onto the clothespin!

Jessica Wilson is a professional story-reader, elevator operator, colorific swap-o-rama creator and early childhood specialist. She lives on California's central coast where she enjoys riding her bike, taking pictures, adventuring with her mister and scheming up crafts for you and your kids which she publishes on her blog, scrumdilly-do!

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