I hate throwing things out, so with more than 100 of those recyclable plastic Easter eggs, I really needed to find some good ways to put them to use. Here are two ideas to get rid of yours:

Make a colorful and easy Egg Wreath that the kids will enjoy creating for the holiday!

Plus, everything is more fun when it’s hidden in a colored egg! Put a bunch of eggs in a large container and you can use them for some great educational activities.



  • One dozen or more one-piece plastic Easter eggs (not the type that come apart in two pieces, but the eggs with a small hinge holding the top and bottom together)
  • 20 inches of colorful ribbon
  • colorful bow (optional)


  • Several one-piece plastic Easter eggs (not the type that come apart in two pieces, but the eggs with a small hinge holding the top and bottom together)
  • big plastic jar
  • see suggested activities for items to place inside eggs



  1. egg5Gather a dozen or more of the same size hinged Easter eggs and open them all.
  2. Attach two eggs together by snapping the top of one to the bottom of the other.
  3. Choose a third egg and connect the bottom of the second egg to the top of the third.
  4. egg4Continue to connect a top from one egg to the bottom of another (they should all snap together easily since they will be the same size).
  5. When you get to the last one, just connect it to the one you began with. That will finish the wreath and close the circle.
  6. Tie the ribbon into a loop around the wreath and hang on the door or wall. You can also place a bow on the wreath.
  7. egg2If you would like to make your wreath permanent, glue the eggs together as you create it. We prefer to redo the wreath each year in a new design.

Egg-ducational Jar Activities

    Write your child's spelling words on slips of paper and put each one in an egg; then let them pick an egg and you can read them the word. This also works great for math facts. Doing homework was never this fun!
  2. egg3READING
    Write the names of spring picture books or favorite books on paper slips and put them in the eggs. Then your kids can pick an egg each night to choose their bedtime story.
    Have a hard time getting kids to do their chores/jobs? Use the eggs! Fill each egg with the name of a job/chore—kids can choose an egg each day to learn how they can help around the house.
  4. MATH
    Put the eggs in a large bin to help kids practice their estimation skills—ask them how many eggs they think are in the bin, and then take them out and count them. This is also a fun game if you're hosting an Easter Brunch—have each guest guess how many eggs are in the container and give a small prize to the winner.
  5. egg1MORE MATH
    Another idea for math practice—fill each egg with a coin, have your child choose one egg color, pull out all the eggs of that color, empty them, and add up the coins. Then move on to another color. This helps with coin recognition and counting money skills.
  6. JUST FOR FUN: Snack Time
    Fill the eggs with small snacks (raisins, nuts, chocolate chips, and dried fruit) and let your kids randomly choose what will be in their snack mix each day for a fun after-school treat!
  7. MORE FUN: Fashion Accessories
    My daughter gets credit for this next one (she's so creative!)—she put the eggs together by connecting the bottom of one egg with a hinge to the top of another and made a shiny and fun egg bracelet. Or decorate a ponytail by putting an egg chain around it.

Jacquie Fisher is an educator, nature lover and mom to two curious kids. She is passionate about encouraging families to explore new places together and enhancing creativity in children. Jacquie creates enrichment activities and writes about children’s literature, family travel and fun ways to learn at Edventures with Kids.

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