I thought this shamrock necklace and bracelet would be a fun little craft for the kids to do at our St. Patrick’s Day playdate. It’s easy, and the supplies are inexpensive. Even if you’re not hosting a St. Pat’s playdate, this necklace and bracelet would be fun to wear to a parade or to school that day.


  • multipack of foam shamrocks (I purchased mine at Michael's)
  • plastic straws (I used two straws for one necklace)
  • gems and glue dots (optional)
  • yarn
  • hole punch
  • scissors
  • tape


  1. Estimate how much yarn you need by loosely wrapping it around the child's wrist or neckline. Cut the yarn. To keep the ends from unraveling, wrap each end with a small piece of clear tape.
  2. Cut the straws in 2" pieces. I used two straws for one necklace.
  3. Using the hole punch, punch two holes in each shamrock. (If you only use one hole, the shamrock will flop around.) Then, decide on a pattern, and thread the yarn through the straw pieces, alternating them with the shamrocks. Tie the ends when finished.
  4. Add a little bling using glue dots to affix the gems. Boys may want their necklaces without.

That's it! Get creative with your patterns!

RoseMarie Massaro is a marketing consultant during the day, but her favorite job is mom to six-year-old twin girls. She shares fun crafts, DIY decor and home entertaining ideas through her blog, Home Confetti. She wants to inspire everyone to "throw a little confetti into everyday life."

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