Recycle cardboard tubes to add a lovely and safe lantern to your holiday décor.

NOTE: Do not place the lantern over any lone-standing flame. These lanterns are only safe to use with tree lights or tea lights.


  • hole punch
  • cardboard tubes (i.e. toilet paper or paper towel tubes)
  • ribbon or pipe cleaners
  • battery-operated tea lights (optional)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • paint
  • glitter (optional)


  1. 2Cut tubes in half (toilet paper rolls) or thirds (paper towel rolls) and use a hole punch or a star-shaped punch to punch holes in them.
  2. While your tube is still wet, paint it with a layer of glitter paint, tempera, or craft paint and sprinkle glitter on top, if you like. If the paint has dried before applying glitter, cover the tube with a thin layer of basic white school glue (the kind that dries clear), then sprinkle 3glitter over it. Remember to paint the inside of the tube and sprinkle glitter in there too! This will be less messy if you do it over a paper plate or newspaper spread out on the table.
  3. Thread some ribbon or pipe cleaners through holes near the top of the tubes on opposite sides, so you can hang up your lanterns.
  4. 4If you have a battery-operated tea light, it fits snug inside the bottom for the perfect mini-lantern!

Make multiple lanterns in silver, blue and white for a tea-light Hanukkah menorah, or hang lanterns on the Christmas tree! Use the lights already on the tree and tuck one inside the top or bottom of the lantern for a fantastic glow. Make them any color and enjoy your own holiday light display however you like!

Happy Holidays!

Stephanie Mullani is a blogging mom of two who is happiest when surrounded by family, good food, and craft supplies. She shares healthy recipes and inspiration to help people experience the joy of natural living through her website, Natural Girl Diary. Stephanie is also a regular contributor to How Does She, an idea-sharing website for women.

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