goodie bags

These goodie bags are so easy to make and can be filled with treats, notes, or any other kind of fun surprise for Dad!


  • brown paper lunch sacks
  • paper (we used scrapbook paper)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • tape


  1. goodie bags 2Cut out a necktie shape from your paper and glue it onto your bag.

  2. Fill the bag with goodies of your choice.

  3. goodie bags 1Cut two slits lengthwise at the top of the bag, each about an inch down and extending a third of the way toward the center of the bag. Fold the ends of the strips just cut over and down toward the center of the bag to look like the collar of a shirt. Secure them with clear tape so that the bag can be opened by simply taking the tape off.

That's it! You can write notes to Dad on the tie and watch his face light up as he opens the bag.

Tell us: What did you put in your bag? Happy Father's Day!

Linda is a blogger and mother of three. She loves coming up with simple, easy, and creative ways to have fun with her kids. Her blog, Little Family Fun, is an inspiring resource for parents, grandparents, teachers, and anyone else looking for activities preschoolers will love.

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  • mmade

    Idea for what to fill it with? I am thinking his favorite snacks/goodies…

    • Doug Kuriger

      And little notes about things you love about your dad or special memories. Those last longer than any “real” thing! :)

    • Piscine

      I’d add my dad’s favorite candy, a framed picture, game or concert tickets, nice collar stays, sunglasses, a tie, fishing lures, a tie bar, a gift card, a DVD and microwave popcorn, and/ or “coupons” for favors or activities to do together.

  • Sharon

    We have 1 yr.olds for Sun. School and inside the bags, we put microwave popcorn, 2 small suckers, bubbles, 2 foam visors, 2 crayons w/2 coloring sheets(out of a coloring book). All this comes with a sheet that explains that this is for a day just for child & Daddy to do–I also add they can watch their favorite cartoons together while snacking on popcorn! This hopefully, can build some special bonding time for “Me & Daddy”!