It’s no secret that we love forts, tents and hideaways. Here is a super-simple tutorial on how to build a structure out of newspaper. The way you create it can be modified depending on the age of your kids. Mine are seven and nine, so they did this all by themselves. All you need is some newspaper as well as some tape and/or a stapler.


  • newspaper
  • tape or stapler


  1. Take two sheets of newspaper, lay them out flat, one on top of the other, and start rolling them from one corner. The tighter the roll, the stronger it will be. My boys aren't tight rolling masters yet, but they did pretty well for their first time!
  2. Secure the end with a small piece of tape.
  3. Make as many newspaper rolls as your kids will allow. An ideal amount would be around 48, but I think we stopped around 25 or so.
  4. Make triangles with your newspaper rolls by taping or stapling the ends together.
  5. Create as many triangles as you can with your newspaper rolls.
  6. Secure the triangles together to build whatever size structure you want! The size will depend on how many triangles you made. Just make sure you have enough for the roof, which will provide the final stability for your fort. You can secure the joints with some extra staples or tape to be sure it doesn't move around too much.
  7. The rest is up to their imaginations! The structure should even be sturdy enough for a blanket on top. Either way, it's a pretty fun activity to do with your kids that they will be proud of and enjoy!

Allison Waken, full-time social media specialist and blogger, is a mother of two boys who resides in Phoenix, AZ. She features ideas proven to spark creativity, play, and interaction with children on her site All for the Boys.

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  • Suzi13

    Great ideas…thanks!

  • Carisa Marie05

    These are very interesting. And wonderful to do with your childeren. I want my whole family to be active and for all of us to eat healthy. I want to do things as a family so we can all stay in shape and eaa healthy

  • Sv_yesenia

    great ideas, they love dancing and playing in the fort

  • Nisha1988

    I like these ideas they helped alot

  • gonzlucy

    It is interesting how much a child enjoys the basic things in life. Example, something as easy as hide and seek is a whole imaginary world for them.. ;.)

  • Jennifer

    I enjoy learning new things and ideas to help my child to be more active then sitting around playing games or watching tv.

  • Mayguti88

    great ideas…. very helpful

  • Amezquita_sara

    my son loves doing all these thing already. he is very eager to help mommy out with luandry and  other things around the house.he is alway a like ball of energy.we keep each other active.

  • 7-month-old’s Momma

    My baby is 7 months old and she loves to stand up (with me holding her hands) while watching “Cat in the Hat” and bounce with the theme song!  She also likes to walk around tables and things while holding on.  She’s a FAST crawler and loves to explore “hidden” areas like underneath the coffee table.  We put some of her toys in different hiding spots around the house so that exploring is safe and fun!

  • Mstsdolphindream

    this is wonderfully informational

  • leah

    my daughter is 2 &1/2 and an hour after she “helped” me fold the laundry she said, “I need to fold laundry!”.  That lit me up inside.  I can’t wait to have a little helper around the house.  Cute!

  • Gabehoogenboom

    my son who is 4, does not like toys at all. never has. we do, thankfully, have a treadmill, and during these winter months, as he is so very hyper, i have found he loves to go on the treadmill, burn off his energy while getting good exercise! and we put fun music on too :)

  • Tori Orgill

    great tips on keeping kids active. 

  • Jkmatek

    my son loves bath time i love the idea of washing his toys in the tub-thx!

  • Granny_dee1

    There are some things in here that I didn’t think of, thank you.

  • Chels26

    I have nothing, but healthy snacks in my kitchen, my children are constantly on the go…No time for television.

  • firyal

    my daughter love dance with barney more than 3 time a day

  • Rebecca Robinson

    My wolf cut-out likes “Barney and Friends”. He also likes “BabyFirst TV”. My zebra cut-out likes “Kipper the Dog”. He also likes “BabyFirst TV”. My zebra cut-out is eight months old. My zebra cut-out also likes “Barney and Friends”. My older sister is a twenty-eight-year-old woman. I am a twenty-six-year-old woman. My horse/moose cut-out is six days old. My horse/moose cut-out likes “Kipper the Dog”. Someday my horse/moose cut-out will like “Mustard Pancakes”. Courtney Campbell from “Mustard Pancakes” has an older brother, Johnny. My panda cut-out likes “Mustard Pancakes”. She also likes “BabyFirst TV”.

  • rothany

    that is dume? it is not me it wus rothany

  • rothany

    be stuped for ones