A lot of Halloween crafts ignore the fact that kids are walking around for hours! This Halloween, stay hydrated with these cute water cozies.


  • bottled water
  • craft foam or felt stickers
  • scissors
  • permanent black marker (Sharpie recommended)
  • Velcro "sticky-back" tabs
  • googly eyes (optional, for Mummy)
  • green curling ribbon (optional, for Pumpkin)
  • glue (optional, for Mummy)


  1. velcroChoose a color of craft foam. Cut strips wide enough to cover the label on the water bottle. Be sure to add 1 inch to the total length of the craft foam label so you have enough overlap for the Velcro closure.
  2. Apply Velcro sticky-back tabs on the ends of the foam. Using Velcro closures allows the custom covers to be used over and over again.
  3. For the pumpkin, draw a face with black marker. Tie green curling ribbon around the neck of the bottle and curl with scissors blade.
  4. pumpkin

  5. For the mummy, wrap a white foam sleeve around the bottle and cut three strips of foam approx. 1/4 inch thick. Wrap two crossing each other so they make an "x" in the front. Secure with glue. Place the final 1/4-inch strip slightly skewed near the top and using glue dots, adhere googly eyes just below the strip (or "bandage") of the mummy.
  6. Embellish wraps with craft foam stickers for the simplest trick—and treat—of all!
  7. more

    All wrapped up and nowhere to go? Add these bottles to a kid's lunchbox or make multiples for a theme party.

Stephanie Mullani is a blogging mom of two who is happiest when surrounded by family, good food, and craft supplies. She shares healthy recipes and inspiration to help people experience the joy of natural living through her website, Natural Girl Diary. Stephanie is also a regular contributor to How Does She, an idea-sharing website for women.

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