Trick or tree-t! These spooky trees are fun to decorate, make great candy displays, and add just the right combo of cute and creepy to any setting. Here’s how you can can make your own!


  • dead, tree branch(es)
  • spray paint OR craft paint & sponge brush
  • half ball of dry, florist's foam
  • unbleached cotton, muslin or gauze
  • glue
  • scissors
  • jewelry wire & trimmers (optional)
  • buttons
  • Halloween themed ribbons & trims
  • yarn scraps
  • candy corn
  • needle & thread
  • small beads
  • novelty webbing


    1. Find a dead branch or (if they're smaller) branches.

    2. Spray or hand paint the branch (if the kids are helping, I recommend the latter).

    3. Rip fabric into strips (so edges are frayed). Then cut into workable, short pieces.

    4. Using your finger or a Popsicle stick, spread a layer of glue over a fabric strip. Lay the strip on top of foam base and spread flat. Repeat the process until foam is completely covered. Let it dry.

    5. To make a tree-dwelling spider, glue small and large black buttons, side-by-side to the base. Add 8 pieces of yarn or string to create the legs and place the base on a plate.

    6. Use scissors to puncture a hole in the top of base and push the branch(es) firmly into foam.


    1. Make a candy corn garland by using a needle and thread to string candy and beads. It helps to tie a knot around each bead, to keep them in place. Drape garland on spooky tree and spread the excess candy corn around base.

    2. Layer a smaller button on top of a contrasting colored, larger button. String a small piece of jewelry wire through button holes and twist the wire around branch to secure it to the tree. Repeat for as many button ornaments as desired. NOTE: If you don't have wire, use thread or sting to tie the buttons to the branches.

    3. Cut Halloween themed ribbon into varying sized pieces; randomly tie them into bows and knots throughout tree.

    4. Finish your spooky tree by adding novelty webbing to any remaining, barren places on the tree.

    Have a Spooktacular October!

Vickie Howell is a mother, designer, writer and crafty spokesperson. Vickie is a regular contributor to Crochet Today! Magazine and, and the spokesperson for the Lands' End FeelGood Campaign. She's also the author of best-selling craft book, AwareKnits: Knit & Crochet Projects for the Eco-Conscious Stitcher. Learn more about Vickie and her projects at

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