Celebrate Clifford’s birthday with this fun and easy handprint Clifford craft.


  • white construction paper
  • black marker
  • red, black, and white paint


  1. Paint the palm of the child's hand with red paint.
  2. With the middle three fingers in a closed position and the pinky and thumb separate from them, make a handprint. Let dry.
  3. Make thumbprint eyes using white paint. Let dry.
  4. Dip your pointer finger in the black paint and make a fingerprint inside each of the white thumbprints for pupils. Let dry.
  5. Draw on a nose, mouth, eyebrows, and hair.
  6. Optional: cut around the handprint or use a black marker to outline around it.

Both projects can be made with kids of all ages.

  • Younger kids can make them with adult participation.

  • Ages three and up: a fun way to practice scissors skills and encourage imagination/foster creativity.

  • Older kids will enjoy making the more detailed version.

  • If "Clifford" is the child's favorite show, it will make an adorable keepsake!

  • Amanda Vasquez is an 'artsy momma' who enjoys sharing her passion for creativity with her two children. Follow them on their creative learning journey over at Crafts-N-Things for Children where she documents their kids crafts, handmade by mom crafts, and everything in between! She also has a sweet spot for creating handprint art and you can find hundreds of their projects on their other blog Handprint & Footprint Art.

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