Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday with these Horton Hears a Who accessories!


  • grey paint (paintbrush optional)
  • three pieces of white paper
  • black marker
  • tape (we used duct tape)
  • one paper towel tube
  • scissors
  • optional: one pipe cleaner, one cotton ball, one pink pom pom or pink ribbon


  1. Paint your three pieces of white paper grey. You can use a paintbrush, but my son chose to use his fingers!

  2. After it dries, draw the outline of two elephant ears on two pieces of paper (one on each).

  3. Fold in the inner edge of both ears about a quarter inch.

  4. Fold the third piece of painted paper around a paper towel tube and cut off the excess paper. Set the paper towel tube and the measured paper aside.

  5. Cut the leftover paper (the paper you're NOT using around the paper towel tube) in half, lengthwise. This is what you'll use for the headband. Note: An older child may need more than this. Then, tape the ears to the long strips, so they will cover your child's ears when they put on the headband.
  6. To make the elephant trunk, glue your cut paper to the paper towel tube and then seal the seam with a thin strip of tape. Draw on elephant wrinkles and then cut slits in two different spots (as shown in the photo) to make it a “functional” and mobile trunk. Practice your elephant sounds!

Take it further: In the book/movie, Horton finds a tiny speck on a pink clover. To make this, attach a pink pom pom (we used ribbon, but cutting all of those strips in the ribbon took about twenty minutes) to a pipe cleaner. The pipe cleaner will act as the plant's stem. Glue on a piece of your cotton ball to the pom pom, and there you have your speck!

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Amanda Vasquez is an 'artsy momma' who enjoys sharing her passion for creativity with her two children. Follow them on their creative learning journey over at Crafts-N-Things for Children where she documents their kids crafts, handmade by mom crafts, and everything in between! She also has a sweet spot for creating handprint art and you can find hundreds of their projects on their other blog Handprint & Footprint Art.

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