Painting pasta is an easy and beautiful way to create DIY jewelry with kids!


  • dried elbow macaroni pasta
  • paint and brushes
  • thin permanent marker (optional)
  • glue gun
  • yarn



    1. Paint your macaroni noodles.For each cat, we painted our macaroni tubes in two tones, for the cat’s stripy belly.

    2. When the paint is dry, lay the pasta side-by-side on the table and glue the pieces together at the back. The glue will keep your cat nice and flat. You can also thread them together, if you wish.

    3. With a thin permanent marker or small brush dipped in paint, draw on the cat’s triangle ears, eyes, nose and whiskers.

    4. Loop in the yarn along the top tube of macaroni and tie it in the back to secure the necklace.

    It makes the purrrrfect accessory!

Mom of one Michelle McInerney is a crafter, writer, graphic designer and author of Happy Handmade craft book. She celebrates every day with DIY projects, recycled crafts, handmade toys that inspire play and storytelling and ideas for creative family living on her blog MollyMoo. Follow Michelle on Pinterest and Facebook for daily inspiration!

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  • Molly Fien

    love the cat necklace!

    • Michelle McInerney

      aren’t they so simple and cute!! xx

    • StanleyRHayden

      Must you See pbs …. Find It More

  • Ana

    Very cute, but do we really have to use food for art? Wouldn’t it be better to buy the pasta and give it to a local food pantry and use some other craft material? It is very sad to realize that food is over abundant and cheap for us that we would waste it on a craft.

  • Ilaria Molinari

    Ana, I think you’re right. I found that we could use also coloured thin canes ;)