mosaic final

Check out these mini mosaics that can be used for children’s jewelry or dangling decorations using materials you’d normally throw away, like lids from plastic bottles.


  • recycled lids (from milk gallons, water/soda bottles, etc.)
  • tile adhesive (white creamy stuff, same consistency as peanut butter). You can buy a premixed tub from the dollar store or mix your own from powdered tile adhesive from a DIY shop—both very cheap.
  • sparkly decorations (i.e., glitter, glass nuggets, beads, broken tiles, etc.)
  • glue
  • for hanging decorations or jewelry: a small piece of wire and some string or dental floss
  • for magnets, little magnets from the dollar store


  1. mosaic1.5If you haven't bought a premixed tile adhesive, make yours now.

  2. Fill lids with tile adhesive.

  3. Stick your sparkly things into the tile adhesive. Make sure you embed the decorations well, so they don't fall out.

  4. Optional: Collect appropriate hanging mechanisms (ribbon for necklaces or string for hanging decorations—we used dental floss!) and/or magnets. Glue a rainbow-shaped piece of wire on the top back of your mosaic and then tie a string through the wire once it's dry. For magnets, simply glue the magnet on the back.


We have done quite a few of these—a great way of recycling and perfect for a gift or Christmas tree ornaments.

Concetta is a mosaic artist and mother of two from London, UK. She spends her time making mosaic art, teaching others how and facilitating community mosaic projects. Since having children, she has been on a mission to create innovative projects for making mosaics with children of all ages with a variety of interesting materials that range for special tiles to orange peel! Her Glittering Shards blog show you how to have a lot of fun making pictures and gifts out of pieces.

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