Making tiny puppets is a fantastic craft project for kids of all ages! You can easily make them (and a tiny theater too) with a few simple materials. We love making “mini-me” style puppets, and today we’re sharing the inside scoop so you can make them too!


  • cereal box
  • paint and a paintbrush (optional)
  • clear packing tape
  • scissors
  • markers
  • printed photograph (you can print on paper) of your kids (optional)
  • pencil
  • colorful paper
  • stickers (we used solid-colored round stickers)


  1. theater4Break the side seams of your cereal box and open it flat.

  2. Paint the box if you wish (we painted ours gold!) or flip inside out and decorate the plain cardboard side. Next (adults should do this part or assist older children), cut a square opening in both the front and the back of the box—both squares the same size, for the stage—and remove the squares. Tape the box closed again.
  3. theater5

  4. Using colorful paper, draw curtains and decorate them. We decorated our curtains with colored round stickers.

  5. Next, tape the curtains over one of the square openings of the cereal box. Congratulations, your theater is finished!
  6. theater6

  7. Now you will make your puppets! Print out a picture and cut around the face, including around the hair and chin. Set the face aside.

  8. Next, draw a body and an outfit on colored paper to go with your cut-out face. Cut out the body and tape the face and body together. You can also cover the face and body/outfit completely using the packing tape to give it a laminated look, then cut off the excess tape theater7around the edges.

  9. Last, tape your figure to a pencil.


Now you are finished and ready for your puppet show! Play some music or write a script and put on a performance for your friends and family!

The End!

Caroline Gravino Urdaneta, a PBS Parents resident crafter, is a designer of creative family projects, tinkering painter and mother of four children. She writes about project ideas for the whole family and how to encourage creativity in kids on the popular blog, Salsa Pie.

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