Celebrate the day Mister Rogers was born with this fun and easy crown craft.

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  • strips of construction paper or lightweight cardboard about 4"-8" wide
  • scissors
  • scrap craft materials (feathers, yarns, buttons)
  • aluminum foil
  • foil wrapping paper or metallic ribbon (optional)
  • sequins or glitter (optional)
  • glue
  • tape
  • majestic music (optional)
  • food for a royal feast (optional)


  1. Tape two strips of paper together to make a crown that fits your child's head.
  2. crown-final-smallYour child may need help cutting points or fringe along the top of the crown. Then your child can decorate with scrap materials, markers, small pieces of aluminum foil, foil wrapping paper, or metallic ribbon. Your child might also want to glue on sequins or sprinkle glitter over glue that has been drizzled on the crown.
  3. Fasten the headband around your child's head.
  4. Once your child is bedecked in these fancy things, you might want to greet him or her with a curtsy or bow, play some majestic music for a dance, or offer a feast to be eaten with royal table manners.
  5. Happy Birthday to everyone's favorite neighbor!

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