finger puppets final 2

We came up with the cutest finger puppets totally by accident! I was ready with my felt, thread and needle and had already started drawing outlines, when my daughter took a pipe cleaner, curled it around her finger, and gave me the best idea ever! Here’s how to make your own duck, pig and cow no-sew finger puppets.


  • pink, yellow, black and white pipe cleaners
  • pink, yellow, black and white medium pompoms
  • 4 pink mini pompoms
  • pink, orange, white and black pieces of felt
  • googly eyes
  • hot glue


    1. finger puppets finalCurl the pipe cleaners around your child's finger. For the cow, place the black and white pipe cleaners together and curl them at the same time. Cut a closed U shape out of white felt and glue it to the white pompom (head) for the face (curved side down), draw two dots for the nose and glue on the googly eyes. Next cut two small triangles out of the black felt and glue to the top of the head, and right next to them glue two pink mini pompoms. Then glue the head to the body.

    2. For the pig, take the pink pompom and glue on mini pink pompoms as ears. Cut a small circle out of the pink felt, draw two dots for the snout and glue to the head. Next glue on googly eyes or as we did, cut small circles from white felt, draw a dot in each and glue to the head. Once it's done, glue it to the pink pipe cleaner body.

    3. finger puppets final 22For the duck, cut a semicircle out of orange felt and glue it to the yellow pompom head, then glue the googly eyes to the head. Once the head is done, glue it to the yellow pipe cleaner body.

    Let the fun begin! Tell us: what other animals can you make?

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