Decorate for Easter with these fun and easy mini paint chip peeps!


  • paint chip samples in pastel colors
  • scissors
  • black construction paper
  • mini hole punch (optional)
  • ribbon and tape or glue (optional)



    1. Cut out your bunnies. To make them symmetrical, fold the paint chip strip in half and cut out half a bunny over the fold.

    2. Repeat with multiple colors until you have your desired number of bunnies.

    3. Use a mini hole punch or scissors to cut out three little circles; two for each bunny's eyes and one for the nose.

    4. If you'd like, you can glue or tape these to a ribbon and hang it as an Easter bunny garland.

    Happy Easter!

Jenni is a mom to 3 teenage girls and 2 Scottie dogs. She teaches preschool and loves every minute of it. Passionate about children's art, her motto is, "The Messier, The Better!" Jenni writes for her blog, The Vintage Umbrella, and appears frequently as "The Craft Lady" on her local television network.

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