Looking for a craft that’s super simple to construct and a HOOT to play with? You can make almost any animal out of a brown paper bag, and this week, we show you how to make an owl.


  • paper bag
  • construction paper
  • googly eyes
  • scissors
  • glue stick


    1. owl-puppet-longFlip your bag over so that the flap is on the top, facing you. Cut out two circles from construction paper about the size of a silver dollar and glue them on to the center of flap.

    2. In the center of each construction paper circle, glue two large googly eyes.

    3. Cut out one large triangle for the beak and two small triangles for the owl "ears." Glue the beak just under the eyes and the ears to the back of the top of the flap.

    4. Cut out two large wings from construction paper and glue them to the back of the paper bag about halfway down.

    Once everything is dry, slip your hand inside and you can flap the beak up and down to make your owl hoot and take flight!

Caroline Gravino Urdaneta, a PBS Parents resident crafter, is a designer of creative family projects, tinkering painter and mother of four children. She writes about project ideas for the whole family and how to encourage creativity in kids on the popular blog, Salsa Pie and shares videos on the PBS Parents YouTube Channel. Subscribe HERE.

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