Design your own paper bead necklace using colorful paper scraps and yarn. Make extra beads to keep on hand for at the ready crafting, or even turn them into a fun garland. A great activity for developing fine motor skills.




  • colorful card stock paper
  • scissors
  • chunky knitting needle or dowel
  • paintbrush
  • Mod Podge
  • yarn


    1. Cut your card stock into several narrow triangle strips. paper-beads1
    2. Starting with the wider end of the strip, roll the paper onto your knitting needle.paper-beads2
    3. Cover the paper with a thin coat of Mod Podge. paper-beads3
    4. Slip your bead off the needle and let dry. Repeat and make as many beads as you like.paper-beads5
    5. Cut a piece of yarn and slide the dry beads on to make your necklace.paper-beads6
    6. Tie the yarn and enjoy your paper bead necklace!paper-beads7

Amy Johnson is a crafter, writer and mother of four, who believes in the power of handmade, secondhand and eco-friendly living. Her favorite craft store is the thrift store and she shares creative reuse ideas on her blog Maker Mama.

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