• Paper roll tube
  • Red, orange, black, and white acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Thin permanent marker


    1. Paint the outside of your paper roll red and allow to dry. toilet-roll-cardinal-1
    2. Fold one half of the top part of tube in. toilet-roll-cardinal-2
    3. Fold the other half in two overlapping sections, forming the cardinal's crest. toilet-roll-cardinal-3
    4. Paint an orange diamond on the front for your beak. toilet-roll-cardinal-4
    5. Paint the cardinal's black face around the beak.toilet-roll-cardinal-5
    6. Use a thin permanent marker to form a line across the beak, use the end of a small paintbrush to add two white eyes and now you have your own cardinal!toilet-roll-cardinal-6

Amy Johnson is a crafter, writer, and mother of four, who believes in the power of handmade, secondhand, and eco-friendly living. Her favorite craft store is the thrift store and she shares creative reuse ideas on her blog Maker Mama . Follow her on Facebook for daily inspiration!

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