This is a fun, easy and quick craft that kids can do for Halloween! We think these are pretty cute, and my four-year-old really liked helping make Halloween decorations.


  • pipe cleaners: five orange, one green, and one brown
  • scissors


  1. Find the middle of all the orange pipe cleaners by slightly bending them in half.
  2. Using one as your "main" pipe cleaner, attach all the others to the middle by wrapping them around, right in the middle. Start by folding/twisting one over the middle of another. Do this with all the orange pipe cleaners. Once all of them are connected at the middle, it should look like ten mini pipe cleaners sticking out like spokes on a wheel
  3. Pull all the loose ends together. This will be the top of the pumpkin.
  4. Wrap the shorter pipe cleaner ends around the longer ones. Make sure the top is nice and even by continuing to fold them around each other.
  5. Wrap the green pipe cleaner around your finger to make it spiral and wrap it around all the orange ends, a few centimeters below the top of the pumpkin. Where the orange remains on top is going to be the stem; the green vine/leaf is wrapped just below.
  6. Wrap the brown pipe cleaner around the gathered orange ends at the top and cut off any remainder. At this point, it should resemble a carrot!
  7. Shape the orange pieces into a ball formation so that they connect at the bottom.

Once you finish, you can make a little mobile or garland with your pumpkins. Placing them around the house works too! Happy Halloween!

Sharla is the mother of four young boys who loves to encourage all things creative in her home. After teaching elementary school for almost 10 years, she now runs a preschool a few days a week from her home. She loves to craft, sew, bake, and do anything creative with her Lego-loving boys. She blogs about and shares her creations and treasures at All My Little Gems.

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