This quick and easy airplane craft is perfect for indoor, outdoor and on-the-go play. Plus, you only need a few, household ingredients to make these high flyers.


  • one clothespin
  • 2-3 Popsicle sticks
  • glue
  • markers or paint (optional)


  1. If you’d like to add color to your airplane, let your kid color or paint the Popsicle sticks and/or clothespin BEFORE you start gluing.
  2. wingsGlue the Popsicle stick close to one end of the clothespin (flat, horizontally), making a cross shape with about the same length of stick on each side of the pin.
  3. To make a two-winged plane (or biplane) glue one Popsicle stick to the top of the clothespin and one to the bottom.
  4. My son was inspired by a triplane model, so we added a third Popsicle stick inside the clothespin.

This craft is great for sunny days, rainy days and even days stuck in a waiting room. I hope your kids enjoy it as much as mine did!

Linda is a blogger and mother of three. She loves coming up with simple, easy, and creative ways to have fun with her kids. Her blog, Little Family Fun, is an inspiring resource for parents, grandparents, teachers, and anyone else looking for activities preschoolers will love.

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