The cure for summer boredom is as close as your recycling bin. With just a few simple supplies, little hands can keep busy while going green. Come sail the seven seas in your own backyard with these fun recycled cork boats!


  • 3 corks for each boat
  • acrylic paint and paintbrush
  • hot glue gun
  • scrap paper
  • scissors
  • toothpick


      1. Paint your corks and let them dry. recycled-cork-boats1
      2. Glue three corks together with the glue gun. recycled-cork-boats2
      3. Cut the corner of a scrap piece of paper to make a triangle for your sail. recycled-cork-boats3
      4. Slide toothpick through the sail and push the toothpick into the center cork.recycled-cork-boats4
      5. Add some water and set sail!recycled-cork-boats5

Amy Johnson is a crafter, writer and mother of four, who believes in the power of handmade, secondhand and eco-friendly living. Her favorite craft store is the thrift store and she shares creative reuse ideas on her blog Maker Mama.

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  • Veda Nicole

    This was really fun for my 2.5 year old and me to make. However, if you’re actually planing on letting them sail, skip the acrylic paint. We took ours outside to sail in the kiddie pool and they completely fell apart after about 5 minutes, due to the paint melting off and separating the hot glue. I will definitely make these again though, only with naked corks!

  • Ishita

    I work as a Nursery nurse is a reception class. your ideas are so easy and fun and that’s what’s so great our4-5 year old are going to be kept busy!! just wished i’d found you at the beginning of the year we would like to see more craft work ideas on this page hope you will share soon.