Have you ever played with tissue paper on pencil ends in school? I set up a similar activity for my daughter to get ready for St. Patrick’s Day, and we created some great crafts. Try this at home and take it further with my suggestion at the end!


  • green tissue paper (we used two different shades for contrast)
  • green construction paper
  • glue
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • piece of cardboard (bigger than construction paper)
  • rainbow colors of tissue paper (optional)
  • tape (optional)


  1. Cut a shamrock shape out of green construction paper. Do the same with a piece of cardboard and glue it to the back of the construction paper for stability. (We neglected this step at first and found our shamrock to be too floppy!)
  2. Cut out several one-inch squares of green tissue paper.
  3. Wrap the tissue paper squares around the end of a pencil to make little rosettes, and glue the bottom of them down to your shamrock. Eventually, my daughter stopped using a pencil and just made little flowers with her hands.
  4. To take it a bit further, cut long strips of more colored tissue paper (rainbow colors) and tape them to the back in rainbow order, so they hang down below the shamrock.
  5. Hang it up and show it off!

When the shamrock was filled with tissue paper, we couldn't resist feeling it and running our hand across it, making it a wonderful sensory activity.

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