My son love trains! One of my best investments wasn’t something I bought in the store, it was a simple cardboard box made into train tunnels, caves and roads for his cars. The best part? You can most likely make it with what is already in your house–No special skills needed!


  • cardboard box
  • scissors
  • toy cars and trains
  • black duct tape and white out OR black and white paint
  • crayons and markers (optional)


  1. Cut out the tunnels on each side.
  2. Use black duct tape to create the roads and Wite-Out Correction Tape for the dashed white lines. You can also use black and white paint for this step.
  3. Bring on the crayons and markersto draw and color tunnels, caves, trees and more!

This imaginative craft will keep kids occupied for hours!

Kristen Summers is a fun-loving mom to two kids who keep her busy and laughing. She is a former wedding and event planner turned author and blogger who writes about creative ideas for children's activities, party planning and ways to create memorable moments with family. Kristen blogs at Celebrate Every Day With Me.

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