Silly Putty was an accidental invention during the second World War. This rubber-like substance will mold into millions of shapes and even bounce! Make your own using only two household supplies for a project that’s also a great chemistry or history lesson!


  • liquid starch
  • Elmer's All Purpose Glue (regular school glue can be used but the putty won't bounce)
  • a mixing bowl
  • a large spoon
  • food coloring (optional)


    1. sp-longMix 1 part liquid starch to 2 parts glue. Whatever amount of liquid starch you use, double that amount for the glue. We used 1/4 cup of starch and 1/2 cup of glue, which made 2 large balls of silly putty.

    2. Pour the measured amounts of starch and glue into the mixing bowl. Mix the two ingredients together and immediately you will notice a blubbery type substance forms.

    3. If you choose to add food coloring, do so now and continue stirring. Stir until most of the liquid is absorbed and the substance becomes more blubbery.

    4. Once the mix is mostly solid, start kneading with your hands. Knead until most of the liquid substance is absorbed and you have formed a ball the consistency of silly putty. If you need to, drain some of the liquid starch or add more glue to get your desired consistency.

    That's it! Try rolling the putty into a ball and bouncing it! Squeeze between your fingers or sculpt it into any shape you can imagine!

Caroline Gravino Urdaneta, a PBS Parents resident crafter, is a designer of creative family projects, tinkering painter and mother of four children. She writes about project ideas for the whole family and how to encourage creativity in kids on the popular blog, Salsa Pie and shares videos on the PBS Parents YouTube Channel. Subscribe HERE.

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