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Curious George

Feel The Wind

Explore the wind and how it moves things.


  • objects that will move in the wind:
    a pinwheel
    ribbon of various lengths and weights
    paper streamers
    an old sheet


You and your young scientist can use these simple activities to explore the wind and make some interesting discoveries.

1. Watch the Wind: Look out the window together. Ask: Do you think it is windy today? Why do you think so? What things do you see moving in the wind?

2. Go Outside Together: Stand so the wind blows in your face, then turn so it blows on your side and then on your back. Talk about how the wind feels today. Does it blow steadily, or does it stop and go? Is it a light breeze or strong gust? With your child, find five things that are moving in the wind. Listen to the wind and imitate the sounds that you hear. Ask: Can you see what the wind is blowing against to make that sound?

3. Experiment: Gather some items like those suggested in the Materials list. Go outside or turn on a fan and let your child explore how wind can make things move. Ask: What do you notice? What is making this object move? Encourage your child to find other ways to make each of these things move (blow on it, run with it, twirl with it).

Take It Further

Invite your child to create a wind dance. Watch something moving in the wind, and describe what it looks like. Next, imitate the motion with your bodies. After doing this for several objects, string the movements together to create a dance!

Adult and child playing with a pinwheel.

Age Range: 3-5


  • Science
  • Creative Movement

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    by Marie Hall Ets


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