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Curious George

Episode Descriptions & Educational Objectives

Here are descriptions and educational objectives for every CURIOUS GEORGE animated adventure and live-action segment. To find out when CURIOUS GEORGE is on in your area, check the TV Schedule.

Season One
Season Two
Season Three
Season Four
Season Five
Season Six
Season Seven

Episode 1

Curious George Flies a Kite

A gusty morning at the country house leads George to experiment with aerodynamics. In the wind, birds soar, ping-pong balls roll, and bricks don't move at all. But the best thing of all for a windy day is a kite. George, with the not-so-willing assistance of Jumpy Squirrel, discovers the wonders and the perils of kite flying.

Educational Objective (Science):To explore how wind makes things move.

Live Action Segment(Trash Bag Kites)
A kite maker works with a group of kids to help them make and fly their own kites.

From Scratch

Gnocchi, the cat, is accused of scratching the booths in Chef Pisghetti's restaurant. To prove Gnocchi's innocence (and eat cannoli), George decides to mount an investigation. Using his scientific inquiry skills, he observes the differences between the scratches Gnocchi makes with her claws and the scratches left on the booth, and shows that his friend was wrongfully accused.

Educational Objective (Science):To aid in the development of problem-solving and inquiry skills.

Live Action Segment(Balls and Ramps II)
Kids take a trip to a science museum to see an exhibit with movable ramps, tubes, and platforms. Their goal is to make a path for a rolling ball and see if they can get the ball to eventually roll up a ramp.

Related Activity:Feel The Wind

Episode 2

Curious George's Home for Pigeons

Compass may be a homing pigeon, but sometimes he has trouble finding his way home. George decides to make him a place to stay on their balcony. After much experimentation, George creates a tree that The Man with the Yellow Hat might not recognize, but in Compass's eyes is the perfect pigeon perch.

Educational Objective (Engineering):To illustrate the engineering design process.

Live Action Segment(Build a Cantilever)
Using pre-cut pieces of cardboard and a counterweight, kids test how far from the edge of a table they can build a cantilever.

Out of Order

When George sees a very nice lady leaving packages behind everywhere she goes, he figures she must be very forgetful. He decides to be helpful by gathering up all the packages for her. When Betsy explains to George that the nice lady is actually the mail carrier, they have to figure out a system to match the packages up with the correct addresses and return them fast!

Educational Objective (Math):To help develop an understanding of the relative position and sequence of whole numbers.

Live Action Segment(Order, Order!)
Kids play "Order Up," a game in which they have to get themselves in order according to the values on cards they're given. Once in line, they proceed to another destination where they have to find thenextbatch of cards, with a whole new order challenge.

Related Activity:Let's Build

Episode 3

Zeros to Donuts

When George learns about the meaning and power of zero, he is ready to test out his knowledge. The perfect opportunity arises when he's sent to the donut shop for one dozen donuts. But when he adds a couple of zeros, he's surprised to find out he gets one hundred dozen. Now he has to figure out what to do with all those extra donuts before The Man with the Yellow Hat notices.

Educational Objective (Math):To introduce the importance of zero and the relative magnitude of numbers with a zero.

Live Action Segment(100's Day)
It's 100's Day, and each kid brings in 100 of something. What does 100 sound like? What does 100 feel like? Who can jump rope 100 times?

Curious George, Stain Remover

George spills grape juice on the new rug and needs to figure out a way to clean it up before The Man with the Yellow Hat returns! Too much soap and too much water make matters worse. With the help of the barnyard animals (and some simple engineering), George uses the Renkins' water pump to clean up the mess.

Educational Objective (Engineering):To demonstrate how to move heavy objects using simple engineering.

Live Action Segment(Heavy Weight Champs)
Using some rope, sticks, and other things, kids are challenged to move a heavy water barrel. Can they do it? And if so, how far?

Related Activity:Wheel Discoveries

Episode 4

Buoy Wonder

Today is a big day for Bill. He's entering his boat in the Model Boat Show! But George discovers that the boat sinks, and to keep Bill's hopes for a prize afloat, he decides to build a new boat. After some trial and error, George finds out which building materials sink and which float.

Educational Objective (Science):To explore the concepts of sinking and floating.

Live Action Segment(A Boat that Floats)
Kids experiment with building boats out of some unexpected materials. They make observations about why the boats might sink or float.

Roller Monkey

A monkey on roller skates seems unlikely until Mr. and Mrs. Dulson ask George to wear a pair in front of their toy store to attract customers. George's skating rolls out of control, so Hundley steps in to help. Soon George, Hundley, and even Gnocchi find themselves learning about momentum and inertia at a rapid downhill pace.

Educational Objectives (Science):To demonstrate objects in motion; to help develop an understanding of the power of momentum.

Live Action Segment(Balls and Ramps I)
At a skate park, kids roll different sizes of balls down the ramps to see which goes the furthest.

Related Activity:Ramp-N-Roll

Episode 5

Curious George On Time

After accidentally breaking Professor Wiseman's cuckoo clock, George decides to explore the inside of the BIG library clock to see how it works. When the big clock also stops working, Mr. Reloj, the local clockmaker, comes to the rescue. With Mr. Reloj's help, George discovers how to use various tools to make the clocks tick again.

Educational Objectives (Engineering):To illustrate how to use tools; to introduce the concept of gears and how they change the direction of motion.

Live Action Segment(How Gears Work)
At a science museum, kids see an exhibit on gears. They learn about how the size of a gear determines how the gear functions to increase or decrease power.

Curious George's Bunny Hunt

In the country, George falls in love with neighbor Bill's new pet bunnies. They are so irresistible that when Bill leaves to do his paper route, George just has to pet one. But as soon as he opens the bunny hutch, they all escape. By following their footprints and counting carefully, George restores order and returns the missing bunnies to their home.

Educational Objectives (Math & Science):To encourage problem solving; to demonstrate counting; to show how different animals make different tracks.

Live Action Segment(Finding Animal Tracks)
Kids explore a wildlife refuge and find tracks in the fresh snow. They use charts they made to try to identify the tracks they find.

Related Activity:Pattern Play

Episode 6

Curious George Takes a Job

Following his nose, George sniffs his way to Chef Pisghetti's Ristorante where he finds Gnocchi the cat being tormented by her enormous ribbon. While the Chef is cooking up a meal to tempt a restaurant critic, George and Gnocchi experiment with kitchen magic. They learn that when cooking, not everything becomes floppy like spaghetti, and some things don't really belong in the pasta pot.

Educational Objective (Science):To illustrate that heating and dissolving can change the characteristics (properties) of substances.

Live Action Segment(What Dissolves?)
The teacher directs an experiment in dissolving different substances in water: sugar, salt, pepper, and coffee grounds. The kids observe what dissolves and what doesn't.

Curious George Takes Another Job

After George's success helping Chef Pisghetti impress the restaurant critic, the Chef suggests that George help his friend Mr. Glass wash the windows of his skyscraper — The Glass Palace. A perfect job for a little monkey! But maybe not a curious monkey, because George can't help but be distracted by some amazing shadows he sees inside the windows.

Educational Objectives (Science):To illustrate that light travels in straight lines; to illustrate that an object placed in the path of light produces a shadow.

Live Action Segment(Shadow Tricks)
A sheet hanging on the clothesline becomes a screen for some shadow play illusions. Did she really pour water on his head? Yup, it's possible in the shadow play!

Related Activity:Curious Pancakes

Episode 7

Curious George, Door Monkey

As lobby dog, it's Hundley's job to keep everything in order. But when George finds some intriguingly-shaped packages, the lobby is soon filled with tennis, bowling, and golf balls, and a ton of empty boxes! George and Hundley scramble to put the balls back in the right size boxes before the ball-collector tenant comes to retrieve his packages!

Educational Objective (Math):To demonstrate that objects can be sorted by size and volume.

Live Action Segment(Volume and Shapes)
Kids explore properties of shape and volume by creating different shapes using the same number of same-sized blocks. They learn that although their boxes look different, they have the same volume.

Curious George Goes Up the River

George is supposed to be feeding the ducks while The Man with the Yellow Hat helps Mrs. Renkins look for her lost baby chicks. But somehow, "feeding the ducks" turns into a trip down the river for George and Jumpy. At first it's fun, but soon George and Jumpy realize they're getting pretty far from home. With the help of some familiar landmarks, they make their way back safely — and the baby chicks find them!

Educational Objectives (Math & Science):To aid in the recognition of objects from different perspectives; to illustrate how objects can be carried by flowing water; to use objects and a pictorial map of those objects within a landscape to navigate.

Live Action Segment(Build a Current)
Kids drop sticks off a bridge and watch how the currents carry them. Later, they use a hose to make their own current, and they observe how the water moves things.

Related Activity:Sort It Out

Episode 8

Curious George and the Invisible Sound

While trying to record different animal sounds in the country, George discovers some amazing things about the dynamics of sound: the closer he gets, the louder the sound; the further away he is, the quieter the sound. Then he discovers a sound he's never heard before. He follows the direction of the sound throughout the house until he finds... a cricket?! How can something so small make such a big noise?

Educational Objectives (Science):To demonstrate that sounds vary in volume, pitch, and quality depending on the nature of the object that is vibrating; to illustrate that a noise will sound quieter when it is further away.

Live Action Segment(Feel the Beat)
Kids see and hear drums at a drum shop, and they learn how pitch can be changed by making adjustments to the drum. A hearing-impaired girl experiences the instruments by feeling rather than hearing.

Curious George, A Peeling Monkey

Georgereallycan't wait to see what's inside Professor Wiseman's birthday present. Because he's a good little monkey, he leaves the present in one piece, but he distracts himself by "unwrapping" everything else around him. George learns that lots of things have covers, and for many different reasons. Even the bathroom walls are covered with wallpaper! But not for long...

Educational Objective (Science & Engineering):To demonstrate that materials — both natural and human-made — have specific characteristics (properties) that determine how they will be used. (For example, fruit skins have certain properties that help them to protect the fruit.)

Live Action Segment(Fruit Wrappers)
Kids visit a museum and meet with an expert who talks about why fruit has coverings. Sometimes it's to protect seeds, or keep out parasites, or keep in moisture.

Related Activity:Feel The Wind

Episode 9

Curious George, Dog Counter

It's Dog Show Day! George and Professor Wiseman spend the day with all kinds of different dogs: big, small, hairy...and hungry. With the help of his sandwich, George tempts the winning dogs to follow him home to show The Man with the Yellow Hat. Once there, George can't keep track of all the dogs, so he and a worried Hundley come up with creative ways to sort and count the dogs in the apartment.

Educational Objective (Math):To demonstrate sorting and classifying sets of objects (or animals) by size, number, and other characteristics (properties).

Live Action Segment(Organizing Stuff)
The art classroom WAS organized, but things have gotten messed up. The kids re-organize by detecting what is out of place and sorting things out.

Squirrel For a Day

When Bill shows George how Jumpy Squirrel stores his food in the ground, George decides this is a pretty good idea and tries to store all the food in the country house in the ground, too. The Man with the Yellow Hat rescues their supplies and tries to explain that they should only put things in the ground if they want them to grow. That sounds like another great plan. George tries to see what else might grow. Will car keys grow into a car? Will a rubber band grow into an inner tube?

Educational Objective (Science):To demonstrate how plants grow from seeds.

Live Action Segment(Paper Towel Plants)
Kids prepare small plates with a variety of beans and seeds and other things they find, with hopes of sprouting some plants. Two weeks later, they see what happened.

Related Activity:Sort It Out

Episode 10

Curious George Discovers the 'Poles

George is thrilled when Bill asks him to look after his tadpoles. He conscientiously feeds them and even decides to give them a little vacation in the lagoon. But the tadpoles disappear, and George worries that he's lost Bill's pets forever. After weeks of searching, George is ready to give up hope, until he learns that the tadpoles haven't vanished; they've grown into frogs!

Educational Objective (Science):To help develop the understanding that all living organisms have a life cycle.

Live Action Segment(Becoming a Mosquito)
Kids take a trip to a mosquito control lab to see the life cycle of a mosquito.

Curious George Finds His Way

Hundley and George get locked out of the building in the back alley. While trying to find their way back in, they get hopelessly lost. To make matters worse, it starts to get dark. But when they begin to hear some familiar sounds, they realize that with the combination of Hundley's sharp ears and George's good memory of what they'd heard along the way, they can find their way home.

Educational Objective (Science):To explore the characteristics (properties) of sound.

Live Action Segment(Sound Detectives)
Kids take a walk to listen for and identify sounds. Each area they visit offers a new selection of sounds, like traffic, birds, and construction trucks.

Related Activity:Bubble Stuff

Episode 11

Water to Ducks

After a big rain, George is ecstatic to discover ducks swimming in a big puddle next to the country house. But the puddle starts to shrink, and the ducks begin to fly away. How can George keep that puddle from evaporating so he and Jumpy can continue to play peek-a-boo with that cute baby duck?

Educational Objective (Science):To demonstrate the water cycle.

Live Action Segment(Goose Watching)
With the guidance of a naturalist, kids visit a river to observe geese and become animal behavior scientists.

Animal Magnetism

On a mission to find magnets to hang his newest masterpiece on the refrigerator, George learns a lot about magnets. His new knowledge comes in handy when he has to save his precious artwork from a giant magnetic crane at the junkyard.

Educational Objective (Science):To illustrate several characteristics of magnets: they attract and repel each other; they attract certain kinds of other metals; objects made of certain metals can be magnetized.

Live Action Segment(Magnets)
Kids play with and enjoy the things that magnets can do. They discover that there are magnets working at home, too, like the one keeping the refrigerator door closed.

Related Activity:Bubble Stuff

Episode 12

Doctor Monkey

When George accompanies The Man with the Yellow Hat to Dr. Baker's office for his annual check-up, he discovers that a stethoscope is a pretty handy thing to have around when you're trying to solve a puzzle involving a mysterious sound.

Educational Objective (Science & Engineering):To demonstrate how sounds can provide clues about what's happening inside a body; to illustrate how instruments can extend the senses (as a stethoscope extends the power of hearing).

Live Action Segment(At the Vet)
A visit to the veterinarian gives kids a chance to listen to the heartbeats of a range of animals and observe differences.

Curious George the Architect

Mr. Glass is building a new skyscraper in the neighborhood, and George and Gnocchi think that his construction site is more fun than a playground. George learns how bulldozers, cement mixers, and jackhammers work, and why it's not a good idea to let a monkey operate them.

Educational Objective (Engineering):To demonstrate that tools help to get things done; to illustrate the fact that tools and machines can be helpful or harmful.

Live Action Segment(Construction Site)
Kids visit a construction site to observe safe building techniques and safe use of tools.

Related Activity:Wheel Discoveries

Episode 13

Zoo Night

George is so entranced by the new, adorable baby panda at the zoo that he stays through closing time and is accidentally locked inside. While trying to find the way out, he mistakenly opens a few wrong doors and finds himself surrounded by gorillas, giraffes, meerkats, and penguins! Now George has to use his map of the zoo to put all the animals back in the correct habitats before they wake up the baby panda!

Educational Objective (Math):To demonstrate how maps can be used to locate objects.

Live Action Segment(Follow the Map)
Kids have to make maps with clues and landmarks to show each other how to find special objects in a museum's collection.

Charkie Escapes

Dog sitting Charkie is always a challenge, but it's especially difficult today when George really wants to practice his soccer kicks. Every time George comes up with a way of keeping Charkie tied up, Charkie comes up with a way of slipping out of her leash. It takes all of George's problem-solving skills to find a way to keep Charkie from running away...until George discovers that she likes playing soccer, too.

Educational Objective (Engineering):To demonstrate deduction and creative problem solving in using available materials to tackle a problem.

Live Action Segment(Guinea Pig Homes)
Kids use a variety of materials to construct habitats for a pair of guinea pigs. The final design, which needs to be changed a few times along the way, features connecting tunnels and doorways between spaces.

Related Activity:Pattern Play

Episode 14

Curious George's Rocket Ride

The International Space Station's food supply has run out, and George is the only one who has the unique skills needed to fly the rocket and deliver the supplies. But George can't help being curious about what's in those interesting-looking containers. Before you know it, George has quite a mess to clean up before the supplies can be launched. Luckily, George's experience with cleaning his room and his knowledge of how shapes fit together helps him put it away in time to get the astronauts their supplies.

Educational Objective (Science):To introduce the idea that there are objects that orbit the earth: natural objects (the moon) and human-made objects (satellites).

Live Action Segment(In Orbit)
A visit to a planetarium gives kids a chance to learn about orbits and orbiting bodies.

Curious George, Station Master

George and The Man with the Yellow Hat offer to pick up Bill when his train comes in, and when he gets there, Flint Quint, the station master, shows George how he keeps the trains running smoothly and arriving on time. While Flint is eating lunch, George decides he wants to try his hand at being station master, and while everything starts off smoothly, pretty soon trains are off schedule, out of order, and very confused. Mr. Quint comes to the rescue, and they put the trains back in the correct number order before they reach the station.

Educational Objective (Math):To help develop an understanding of the relative position and sequence of whole numbers.

Live Action Segment(Our Schedule)
It's Mix Up Day, and the kids are making up theirownschedule. They encounter a few problems to solve along the way.

Related Activity:Curious Pancakes

Episode 15

Curious George and the Dam Builders

George gets acquainted with a family of beavers when he notices the impact their dam has on his favorite pond. Building a dam looks like so much fun that George decides to build his own. But when a sudden downpour sweeps both dams away, George and the beavers have to figure out how to repair the damage together or their beloved pond won't be a good place for beavers or monkeys!

Educational Objective (Science & Engineering):To model the idea that an organism's behavioral patterns are related to the nature of the organism's physical environment, heredity, and experience; to demonstrate that an important part of engineering is to brainstorm solutions and test the ones that seem most promising.

Live Action Segment(Building a Dam)
Kids make a stream down an incline using a hose and then do some dam building. They experiment with different materials and try to stop the path of the flowing water.

Curious George's Low High Score

George can't understand why his high score of 257 isn't a winner when he plays his first game of mini-golf with Steve and Betsy. How can a small number be worth more than a big number? After getting the lowdown on the principles of mini-golf, George is determined to get a low score next time, and so he builds his own mini-golf course for practice.

Educational Objective (Math):To help develop an understanding that sometimes a high number isn't always the best or most desirable.

Live Action Segment(Setting Up Shop)
Kids create their own store where they sell items to each other at different prices. Two teams of kids are given just 5 dollars and they decide what food to buy.

Related Activity:Invent!

Episode 16

Curious George Sees Stars

George is determined to count all the stars in the sky, but he just can't stay awake long enough to finish. And when he goes back to the city it's even more difficult — the stars have disappeared! Will George be able to come up with a system to keep track of his count? And exactly where do all the stars go when George goes to the city?

Educational Objective (Math):To aid in counting with understanding and recognizing "how many" in sets of objects.

Live Action Segment(Counting Kids)
Kids play some counting games! How many kids have left the morning circle to hide? How many chairs are in the room? How many blocks are in the jar? Only counting can give the answer.

Curious George Gets a Trophy

As a reward for helping him wash dishes at the restaurant, Chef Pisghetti gives George an ice cream sculpture in the shape of Gnocchi the cat. George really wants to show The Man with the Yellow Hat his new trophy, but the ice cream keeps melting! After a few melted dishes, George learns a whole lot about what happens to ice cream outside of the freezer.

Educational Objective (Science):To illustrate that solids can be changed to liquids by adding heat (melting) and liquids can be changed to solids by taking heat away (freezing).

Live Action Segment(Making Ice Cream)
Using a hand-cranked ice cream maker, ice, rock salt, sugar, and cream, kids make ice cream. They witness the gradual melting of the ice and freezing of the ice cream.

Related Activity:Curious Pancakes

Episode 17

George Makes a Stand

To earn money for a new soccer ball, George decides to set up his own lemonade stand. With help from Betsy, the stand is such a success that there are too many customers and not enough lemonade. In the nick of time, George remembers a trick that the Doorman showed him — make two glasses out of one by dividing. All the customers are satisfied, and now all George has to figure out is how to explain to The Man with the Yellow Hat what happened to all his lemonade.

Educational Objective (Math):To help develop an understanding of commonly used fractions; to help develop an understanding of situations that entail division (such as sharing equally).

Live Action Segment(Dividing Juice)
After some athletic play, four kids are tired and THIRSTY. They open the fridge to find only THREE bottles of juice, so the kids have to figure out a way to share.

Curious George Sees the Light

A new traffic light is installed on the country road, and George decides that it would really work a lot better with a few adjustments. But George's fixes don't have the desired effect — traffic gets backed up, and even Jumpy can't get across the street to find his nuts! George has to work with Officer Quint to fix the light and get a better understanding of just what those red, yellow, and green lights mean.

Educational Objective (Science):To demonstrate that there can be more than one reasonable explanation for the same set of data.

Live Action Segment(Smart Signs)
Kids make some signs that use just pictures, no words. They post their signs and watch to see if they work.

Related Activity:Bubble Stuff

Episode 18

Candy Counter

Eating candy is easy, but counting and sorting it is much more difficult! George quickly learns this when he agrees to watch Cayley's candy counter for an afternoon. While trying to stack the chocolates into different shapes, they all fall over, and George can't remember which candy is what! With help from a few customers, and a little sampling, George discovers how to sort the candies by color and shape.

Educational Objective (Math):To demonstrate sorting and classifying sets of objects (or animals) by size, number, and other characteristics (properties); to model building, sorting, and the comparing of two- and three-dimensional shapes.

Live Action Segment(Sorting Stuff)
Kids visit a children's museum where they have been "hired" for the day to help organize and stock the shop that sells recycled materials. They have to sort barrels of industrial widgets and craft materials by size and price.

Curious George, Rescue Monkey

George is inspired to become a volunteer with the fire department when they help him get his foot unstuck from a chair. He spends the day with Andie, Stig, and Stew of Rescue Squad 86 and has fun trying out all the special firefighting tools. But when Compass gets trapped at the museum, a little monkey ends up being the best tool for the job.

Educational Objective (Engineering):To illustrate the importance of using the right tool for the task.

Live Action Segment(Cool Tools)
Kids help put together a broken table. They get a chance to use some simple, safe tools like glue, sandpaper, a screwdriver, and a mallet.

Related Activity:Sort It Out

Episode 19

The Truth About George Burgers

George accidentally loses a batch of Chef Pisghetti's newest creation: Giardino Burgers. And they need to be delivered to the Fireman's Picnic right away. Can George save the day by re-creating the Chef's recipe?

Educational Objective (Engineering):To demonstrate the importance of planning and following directions in order to get things done.

Live Action Segment(Paper Maché)
Kids are making a recipe for papier maché. How much water? How much paste? Different amounts produce different results.

Curious George in the Dark

Most of the time, George isn't afraid of the dark, but when he explores a mysterious cave, he decides that sometimes the dark can be a little scary. It doesn't get any better when a thunderstorm knocks the power out, and the country house is in the dark. But with the help of his trusty flashlight, George conquers his fears and even shows Jumpy how to have some fun with shadows.

Educational Objective (Science):To explore how the size and shape of an object's shadow changes depending on the relationship between the location of the object and the location of the light source.

Live Action Segment(Scary Shadows)
Kids make a playhouse by draping sheets over a big dining table. Inside, they experiment with flashlights to make shadows (particularly SCARY shadows!).

Related Activity:Marvelous Meringues

Episode 20

The Clean, Perfect Yellow Hat

The yellow hat comes back from the dry cleaners so beautiful and clean that George can't help wanting to show it off to Compass the pigeon. But a little wind and an errant branch create a hole that needs to be fixed before The Man with the Yellow Hat comes home and finds it.

Educational Objective (Engineering):To model the idea of exploring various materials and their characteristics (properties) when looking to repair or create an object.

Live Action Segment(Many Hats)
Kids use all kinds of materials to make and decorate hats. They talk about the different materials and what they can achieve with them, and then they have a hat fashion show.

Bee Is for Bear

While exploring the country, George meets up with a baby bear and a stinging bee. No one believes that George has seen a bear, but they do try to help George learn more about bees. It takes a helping hand from the baby bear to save the bunnies from the bees and to prove to everyone that George knows a bear when he sees one.

Educational Objective (Science):To demonstrate that an organism's behavioral patterns are related to several things: the nature of the organism's environment, other organisms present, and the availability of food and resources.

Live Action Segment(Animal Homes)
Kids visit a wildlife sanctuary where they are on a quest to see animal homes. With the guidance of a naturalist, they see insect and animal homes on the ground and in trees.

Related Activity:Invent!

Episode 21

Surprise Quints

It's Mr. Quint's birthday, and everyone is helping with preparations for a surprise party. But Mr. Quint comes home early from his fishing trip, so George is assigned the job of keeping him busy until it's time for the party. The job gets even more complicated when four of Mr. Quint's siblings arrive, and they are all having the same birthday — could they be quintuplets? And can you keep five Quints happy with only twelve fish crackers to eat?

Educational Objective (Math):To aid in counting with understanding and recognizing "how many" in sets of objects; to help develop an understanding of situations that entail division (such as sharing equally).

Live Action Segment(Chair Chart)
Kids make a plan for how to arrange the chairs to accommodate everyone participating in a poetry reading. A second group of kids then uses that plan to actually arrange the room.

Muddy Monkey

The Man with the Yellow Hat just can't figure out why George refuses to take a bath. What he doesn't realize is that George has lost his favorite bath toy, Sproingy the Frog. And until George finds Sproingy, all the shower games, car washes, and dog washes aren't going to do a bit of good. Unless, of course, the dog being washed happens to be playing with a very special bubble-making frog.

Educational Objective (Science):To demonstrate that bubbles are made of air surrounded by a very thin film; to demonstrate that no matter what the shape of the bubble maker, the shape of a free-floating bubble is a sphere.

Live Action Segment(Big Bubbles)
Kids mix water and detergent and figure out ways to make bubbles using a variety of objects. They talk about the different characteristics (properties) of bubbles, and how — no matter what the shape of the opening — the bubbles always come out round.

Related Activity:Bubble Stuff

Episode 22

Curious George Takes a Vacation

The Man with the Yellow Hat and George are off to the airport to start their vacation. When they get there, they discover that all the flights are delayed, and there's a long wait ahead. But with sliding doors, moving sidewalks, luggage carousels, and beeping carts, George decides that the airport is a great place to spend his whole vacation.

Educational Objective (Engineering):To help develop an understanding that people and goods can be transported in many different ways.

Live Action Segment(Market Machines)
Kids visit a grocery store that has technology and techniques for moving stuff around, like the delivery system that bring groceries to the pick-up area.

Curious George and the One That Got Away

George and Mr. Quint discover a fresh water eel in the waters of Lake Wanasink Lake. When Bill finds out, he proposes a contest to see who can catch it first. George has no fishing pole, so he makes one from things he finds around the house. He's determined to catch the eel so he can set it free.

Educational Objective (Engineering):To demonstrate using objects found around the house to design solutions to a problem.

Live Action Segment(Building a House)
Kids are given a wide range of materials, and they decide to make a house. They talk about their design decisions and how the materials served their building purposes.

Related Activity:Let's Build

Episode 23

Ski Monkey

When a blizzard covers the country house with a foot of snow, George can't wait to get outside to play. But he soon finds that such deep snow isn't easy for a monkey to play in. Then he learns how much fun it can be to ski, snowshoe, and sled.

Educational Objective (Science):To demonstrate that spreading out the weight of an object on a soft surface like snow keeps the object from sinking in.

Live Action Segment(Snowshoes & Sleds)
There's a lot of snow on the ground, and kids are out experiencing some of the same things George does. They try to figure out ways to get ON TOP of the snow without sinking into it.

George the Grocer

Georgereallywants the toy oven he sees in the window at the toy store, but first he has to find a job to earn money to buy it. Since neither Chef Pisghetti nor Mr. Glass need help, George decides to go to work at the Grocery Store. While George is pretty proud of the job he does helping customers, the grocer is pretty confused about who is causing such chaos in the aisles.

Educational Objective (Math):To help develop skills in describing relative positions in space and in applying ideas about relative position.

Live Action Segment(Guessing Game)
One kid has picked an object in a room, and another kid has to find it by asking questions related to location. Is it in this half of the room? Is it above this shelf? Things get more complicated when they take the game outside to a playground.

Related Activity:Ramp-N-Roll

Episode 24

Keep Out Cows

George loves Leslie the cow, but do she and her friends have to keep eating all those beautiful wildflowers that he wants to show The Man with the Yellow Hat? George works against time and the cows' appetites to come up with a wall strong enough to save the flowers.

Educational Objective (Engineering):To illustrate that the strength of a structure depends on the material it is made of and how it is designed.

Live Action Segment(The Ball Wall)
Kids are challenged to try to build a wall that will successfully stop a big rolling ball.

Curious George and the Missing Piece

When George discovers a bone buried in the ground, he's convinced it's got to be part of a dinosaur skeleton — but which one? When none of the dinosaurs in the museum are missing a piece, George uses his best scientific sleuthing skills to match the bone to the animal. Is the bone from a completely new kind of animal? And why is Charkie always chasing after him to steal that bone away?

Educational Objective (Science):To help develop an understanding that the shape of a bone is related to its function, and the size of a bone is related to the size of the animal from which it came.

Live Action Segment(Back Bones)
Kids visit a museum of natural history to learn about the differences and similarities found among the bones of animals. They look at examples of the same type of bone from animals of various sizes, and talk about how the skeleton of a creature determines how it can move.

Related Activity:Let's Build

Episode 25

Camping With Hundley

George loves his very first camping trip so much that he wants to go again as soon as possible. But The Man with the Yellow Hat is just too busy, so the Doorman volunteers to take George and Hundley in his fancy trailer with GPS, satellite dish, and microwave. When a thunderstorm knocks out the power, George comes to the rescue by using his old-fashioned camping tools to help them make it through the rainy night and back home safely.

Educational Objective (Engineering):To illustrate the importance of choosing the right tool for the task and using it correctly.

Live Action Segment(Orienteering)
Kids learning about Orienteering — a sport with a course, checkpoints, a compass, a map, and a timer — perform a simple route.

Curious George vs. The Turbo Python 3000

George isn't tall enough to ride the greatest rollercoaster of all time, The Turbo Python 3000. He uses licorice whips to measure his height and determines that he is seven-whips tall, one short of the eight-whip minimum! As he nibbles on his licorice, George looks for different ways to grow. His efforts seem to pay off when he measures himself again, but then he realizes that it's not that his legs are longer, it's that his stomach is fuller.

Educational Objective (Math):To help develop an understanding of the process of measuring and comparing using standard or nonstandard units of measure.

Live Action Segment(Measuring)
Kids try to measure the width of a room in hops. Trouble is, each kid hops a different number. The kids then measure each other using shoes. One shoe emerges as the standard, and its owner goes on a measuring spree.

Related Activity:Pattern Play

Episode 26


George learns the hard way about bones when he falls at the museum while exploring a dinosaur skeleton and breaks his leg. A visit to the hospital, a cast on his leg, and a cane aren't enough to keep George down, especially when Hundley steps in to help.

Educational Objective (Science):To explore how vertebrates have internal skeletons made of bone; to help develop an understanding of how a bone heals itself.

Live Action Segment(Drawing Bones)
Kids feel their own bodies to figure out what shape their bones are and talk about what bones do and why they're important. Then they trace each other's bodies and fill in the outlines with what they think their bones look like.

Curious George Rides a Bike

George loves his new bike, especially because it gives him the chance to help Bill with his paper route. But he gets distracted by some ducks, makes some paper boats out of the newspapers, and then, trying to fix his mistake, hits a big rock that bends his bicycle wheel out of shape. Can Mrs. Renkins find the right tools to help him fix his bike so he can find some dry papers, finish the paper route, and keep his promise to Bill?

Educational Objective (Engineering):To demonstrate the importance of using the correct tool to adjust and repair things.

Live Action Segment(Fixing Bikes)
Kids learn how to repair their own bikes. They fix a flat tire and learn about the tools used to accomplish the job.

Related Activity:Wheel Discoveries

Episode 27

The All-Animal Recycled Band

George recruits Charkie, Gnocchi, Hundley, and Compass to play in a band inspired by the firefighters at Rescue Squad 86. For instruments, George gets creative and uses keys, rice in a milk carton, a birdseed canister with rubber bands, and a pie tin. Now all he has to do is figure out a way to get two dogs, a cat, and a bird to play music together.

Educational Objective (Engineering):To model the idea of creating new objects using found and recycled materials.

Live Action Segment(Wind Chimes)
Kids use found materials to make wind chimes. Some materials make satisfying sounds, others don't. Kids use string, sticks, tape, and whatever allows them to hang items that will be affected by the wind to create sound.

The Times of Sand

George and The Man with the Yellow Hat have a sandcastle contest at the beach. With the help of Bill and Momma Bunny, George builds a great castle and learns about how to avoid losing your castle to the incoming tide.

Educational Objective (Science):To illustrate that tides are natural events, and that they occur in repeated, predictable patterns.

Live Action Segment(Low Tide)
Kids decide to take a walk at low tide and see what kinds of creatures they can find. With the help of a teacher and a knowledgeable dad, they find that some interesting sea life is exposed when the tide is out.

Related Activity:Invent!

Episode 28

The Elephant Upstairs

George hears a loud thumping sound coming from the ceiling of their apartment and becomes convinced that the new upstairs neighbor has an elephant for a pet. When The Man with the Yellow Hat points out how unlikely that is, George decides to investigate further and comes to the conclusion that if it's not an elephant, it must be a Galapagos Turtle who eats a lot of crackers, likes to wrap presents, and uses a juicer. When they finally pay their new neighbor a visit, the real story is even more interesting than George's theory.

Educational Objective (Science):To demonstrate that different objects can produce sounds that are similar in volume and pitch.

Live Action Segment(Sounds Like...)
Kids play a game where each player must guess what a sound is without being able to see what's making it. Kids talk about the characteristics (properties) of the sounds and why some are familiar and others are not.

Being Hundley

George gets tired of being a monkey because monkeys have to clean their rooms, brush their teeth, and go to bed early. He experiments with being a cat and a pigeon, but decides that the best of all is to be a dog like Hundley. Hundley is not at all happy with this plan, but he doesn't manage to convince George that there's room for only one lobby dog at this apartment building. It takes an elevator getting stuck between floors to help George realize that being a monkey can be pretty useful in a pinch.

Educational Objective (Science):To demonstrate that the form and behaviors of each kind of animal are related to each animal's needs.

Live Action Segment(Tamarins and Mandrills)
Kids visit a zoo to learn about Tamarins with the help of a zoo interpreter. They make drawings and talk about the behavior and habitats of the primates.

Related Activity:Feel The Wind

Episode 29

George Fixes Betsy's Wagon

George and Steve borrow Betsy's wagon to pick up a package, but on the way they lose a wheel. To replace the wheel, they experiment with a piece of wood, some roller skates, and baby carriage wheels. Can they find some way to keep that wagon rolling? And what's in that giant package anyhow?

Educational Objective (Engineering):To explore the system of wheels and axles that makes a wagon work correctly.

Live Action Segment(Rolling Wheels)
Kids work in teams to build wheeled vehicles out of a variety of materials. The ultimate test will be how successfully the vehicles roll!

Curious George Takes a Dive

George makes friends with a turtle down at Lake Wanasink Lake, but worries that because the turtle has no thumbs, it's going to get a lot of water up its nose when it goes into the lake. The solution is to bring the turtle home and keep it in the bathtub. But the turtle is just not happy in the bathtub, and when George brings home fish and weeds and frogs from the lake to keep it company, The Man with the Yellow Hat isn't very happy either.

Educational Objective (Science):To demonstrate that various plants and animals inhabit different kinds of environments, and have structures and functions that help them thrive in these environments.

Live Action Segment(Habitats)
With the help of a zoo interpreter, kids learn about the differences between a dry habitat and a wet habitat, as well as how different animals are well adapted for each.

Related Activity:Wheel Discoveries

Episode 30


The Amazing Balancing Zucchinis come to town, and George realizes that there's nothing he wants more in life than to be an acrobat. But before he can join the troupe, he needs to learn a lot more about balance and help save an allergic tightrope walker from a very determined cat.

Educational Objective (Science):To demonstrate how balance is affected by the amount and position of weight, and by the position of the fulcrum (point of support).

Live Action Segment(Balancing on Bikes)
Kids are visited by a troupe of stunt cyclists who talk about balance and demonstrate some simple balancing tricks.

Curious George vs. Winter

Winter is closing in and George is's he going to survive without all the fun summertime activities he loves? When he decides to ignore the weather and play with his wading pool and his bubbles, he learns some interesting things about freezing and melting.

Educational Objective (Science):To illustrate that water freezes into ice when it is cooled and that ice melts into water when it is heated.

Live Action Segment(Ice Shapes)
Kids pour water into containers of different shapes to make ice. The next day, they release the ice and have a nice assortment of shapes to build with. (They also play a game of hockey in which the puck IS the ice!)

Related Activity:Marvelous Meringues

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