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Curious George

Episode Descriptions & Educational Objectives

Here are descriptions and educational objectives for every CURIOUS GEORGE animated adventure and live-action segment. To find out when CURIOUS GEORGE is on in your area, check the TV Schedule.

Season One
Season Two
Season Three
Season Four
Season Five
Season Six
Season Seven

Episode 1

Up, Up and Away

A tether, a basket, and a heap of hot air: George discovers that it takes all three for a balloon to score a successful lift-off. As Mrs. Renkins demonstrates how a hot-air balloon works, George and Bill bound into the basket and they soon find themselves accidentally airborne - alone! Will Mrs. Renkins and The Man with the Yellow Hat ever catch up with the flying duo? Not before George and Bill's windy flight path carries them on quite an adventure - and toward an array of feathered friends who land on their basket. And when one of the birds gets trapped in the balloon, it gives them the idea they need to help get them down to earth.

Educational Objective (Science):To show that wind/air can push things, that wind may have variable direction and speed, and that birds, and humans, use the power of the wind for movement. Also to demonstrate that hot-air balloons are wind-powered vehicles that may be controlled for altitude by changing the load weight (ballast), or heating/cooling the air inside the balloon.

Live Action Segment (Balloons)

In order not to lose their helium balloons on a windy day, the children tie heavy objects of varying weights to the end of the string and figure out how to give the balloons enough ballast to float but not float away.


There's a strange-looking cat eating George's peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But wait, it's not a cat, it's a skunk! And George is fascinated. After trying and failing to make friends with the creature several times - and being subjected to multiple baths of tomato juice after repeatedly getting "skunked" - George is relieved to get back to the city and away from all of those smelly encounters. What he doesn't realize is that he and The Man inadvertently brought along their new "friend" in a picnic basket - and that one little skunk is about to wreak a whole lot of havoc in a certain apartment building.

Educational Objective (Science):To understand that all animals have needs for food, water, shelter, and a compatible habitat, and that all animals have characteristics and behaviors that aid in their survival. Also to demonstrate some specific characteristics and behaviors of one type of animal including their unique defense mechanism.

Live Action Segment (Squirrel Search)

The kids spend a day observing squirrels in a park. They discover why squirrels have certain behaviors and examine the squirrels' need for food, shelter, and water.

Related Activity:On A Hike

Episode 2

Monkey Underground

When George stumbles across a gopher hole in the field near the country house, he suddenly finds himself inside a secret world of underground tunnels. Just below the mounds, Mama, Papa, and Junior Gopher have found a hiding place away from Mr. Gopher Getter - the man who plans to de-gopher the entire field. George warns his new pals about the looming trap. But only if George can dig super monkey-fast, and in the correct direction, will he be able to save his gopher friends from being removed from their home.

Educational Objective (Engineering):To demonstrate that the natural world and human-made world have different systems.

Live Action Segment (Sand Tunnels)

The kids build tunnels on the beach. They discover what happens when you make a big tunnel with only a thin ceiling and experiment with reinforcing the tunnel to support the incoming tide.

Cat Mother

Professor Wiseman entrusts George with Lucky, a tiny kitten too young to take care of herself. It's love at first sight for Lucky when she meets her first dog - Hundley, the proud lobby dachshund. But it's not such a fast friendship for Hundley, who sneezes when Lucky affectionately rubs against him. Hundley's allergic to cats! Lucky is inconsolable, having to stay away from her new friend, so George decides to build a substitute dog for Lucky. Can George use his sharp investigation and engineering skills to create an exact Hundley replica?

Educational Objective (Engineering):To model that asking questions and making observations helps humans design solutions to meet needs and wants.

Live Action Segment (Building Bugs)

Third Graders are given the challenge of making toy bugs for a first grade class. The younger children give specifications to the older children who must build the bugs as per design.

Related Activity:Monkey Made

Episode 3

Up A Tree

When George tires of table manners and house rules, he decides to build a tree house in the country yard - a nest of his own where using his feet to eat corn on the cob and to paint on the walls would be perfectly acceptable. Armed with his Handy Monkey Tool Set, George gathers as many building materials as possible. But he quickly learns that creating a house from scratch just might take more than a pile of plywood and a handful of nails. What he needs is a design plan to make this work - and forgiveness for accidentally stealing supplies from Quint's dock and Mrs. Renkin's chicken coop!

Educational Objective (Engineering):To demonstrate how to follow a plan to get things done.

Live Action Segment

The kids visit an architectural firm and learn about the process of design as it relates to building construction. The architect presents the plan, section and elevation for a building which they then go and visit.

Curious George and the Trash

Just as he is preparing to have his new driver's license photo taken, The Man with the Yellow Hat suddenly finds himself hatless - thanks to George, who accidentally crushes it. After dropping the hat off at the dry-cleaner to have it fixed, The Man asks George to wait at home for it to be delivered while he goes on a neighborhood jog. But when the hat arrives, George mistakes it for a look-a-like garbage box and tosses it down the trash chute. George's desperate attempt to recover his friend's most prized possession leads the monkey on a race through the labyrinth of the city's garbage system.

Educational Objective (Engineering):To teach that garbage pick up is a system designed by humans to keep the city a healthy clean place to live.

Live Action Segment (Recycling)

The kids visit a recycling facility and see different stages of the recycling process. They look at how plastic and papers get sorted and learn how some materials may be reused to produce something new.

Related Activity:Build A House

Episode 4

Curious George Gets All Keyed Up

Betsy prepares to play the xylophone at a school concert one evening, and George, who has always been mesmerized by Betsy's music, volunteers to deliver the xylophone to Betsy's school while she goes to the beautician that afternoon. Betsy's brother Steve also promises to help, but when he becomes distracted by his videogame, they lose track of time and have to get the xylophone out the door very quickly. So George and Steve take all the keys out in a hurry - and when George gets to the school he realizes that he's forgotten what order they go in! Will George be able to fix the xylophone, or will Betsy's beautiful tunes become suddenly and horribly "out of key?"

Educational Objective (Math):To relate number sequence to size and pitch sequence.

Live Action Segment (Making Music)

A musician guides the kids through an exploration of musical scales and sequencing. The children discover the relationship between the size of an instrument and its pitch and make music on glass bottles filled with water.

Gutter Monkey

It's bowling night! George cheers on The Man with the Yellow Hat and then tries to get the ball rolling himself. But when George rolls, it's always a gutter ball. Back at home, George polishes the Man's bowling ball before the big tournament and it looks so good he decides to test it out on the curvy front lawn - but all of those ruts and hills can sure ruin a monkey's game! And things don't exactly look up, er, straight, when George takes it inside and discovers that a smooth surface in the dining room can spell trouble for the plates in the china cabinet. Will George be able to get the ball under control and to the bowling alley in time for the Man's competition?

Educational Objective (Science):To explore how the behavior of a rolling ball including its velocity, acceleration, and momentum varies depending on the slant and texture of the surface it rolls on, and/or on the strength of the exerted force used to push it.

Live Action Segment (Bowling)

At a bowling outing, children explore different rolling techniques and what results in the longest and straightest roll.

Related Activity:Size Them Up

Episode 5

Grease Monkey in Space

The Man with the Yellow Hat's dream of space travel is finally coming true! He's been assigned to repair a large telescope, but on the day of the big launch Professors Wiseman, Pizza and Einstein realize that it's actually a two-man - or rather, a one-man and one-monkey - job. Soon it's up to George to complete the mission and replace the telescope's batteries. George has only a few minutes before his air runs out to accomplish his task and remember his right, his left and his shapes. Can George save the day or will the space walk turn into a space "whoops?"

Educational Objective (Engineering):To understand that tools are simple objects that help humans complete tasks.

Live Action Segment

The kids use tools such as screwdrivers, nuts, bolts and a wrench to build a doghouse.

Piñata Vision

When George attends Betsy's birthday party he is ready for a day of fun with friends. Steve and Betsy blindfold George and give him the first shot at breaking open the birthday piñata - but when George swings the bat without any sense of where he's aiming, he makes a grand mess instead. To help George improve his game, Steve blindfolds George and sets him off to try and find Charkie - and George navigates his way around the city by using only his hands, ears and sense of touch. His adventure leads him to some familiar places and ultimately back to the sweet piñata prize!

Educational Objective (Science):To experience the senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell as ways of exploring and navigating in the world and to understand that each sense provides a unique perspective through which we may interpret the environment.

Live Action Segment

At a school, a group of kids do their morning sharing without speaking and in the process learn about their senses. They use their hands and drawings to communicate and attempt to eat jello while blindfolded.

Related Game:On the Job

Episode 6

All New Hundley

Although they are friends, George and Hundley are quite different. George loves nothing better than bounding about and exploring new things, while Hundley loves to guard his lobby and maintain order. So on one morning George is very surprised to find Hundley bouncing, running and playing all around the apartment building. And when this "new fun" Hundley makes a total mess of his beloved lobby, George knows that all is not what it seems. But how can he prove it? Using his camera and his sharp investigative skills, George sets out to solve the mystery. Has George's proud friend changed personalities - or could there be a look-a-like Hundley on the premises?

Educational Objective (Science):To demonstrate inquiry as a process of finding out about the world and solving problems. To show that inquiry includes a variety of skills like observing, questioning, predicting, investigating, collecting information, recording and representing, and analyzing information based on multiple experiences. Also to model positive attitudes toward learning like persistence and curiosity.

Live Action Segment (Looking at Leaves)

The kids compare different kinds of leaves they see in the park and look for seeds that come from trees.

Signs Up

Deciding that a collection of signs would make a cool display for his room, George sets out to gather them from all around town. But when people start losing their way and go in the wrong directions, George realizes how important signs are and starts putting them back - but not quite in their proper places. As a result, things get even more chaotic. Can George figure out where the signs are supposed to go so that the picnickers stop eating in the bears' den and the bicyclists don't run over the ducks in the animal crossing??

Educational Objective (Engineering):To understand that symbols are used as a means of communication.

Live Action Segment (Traffic Signs)

A teacher creates a road course for the kids on their scooters. The kids learn the importance of traffic signs in navigating a busy intersection.

Related Games:Snapshot

Episode 7

Color Me Monkey

Mr. Glass is looking for a one-of-a-kind painting for his lobby and Mr. Zoobel knows just where to find such art - at the zoo, naturally! George and Charkie go along to meet SooBerm, the truly unique painting elephant who has her own style. But when Charkie causes a rip in the SooBerm painting for Mr. Glass's lobby, George must re-create the masterpiece so that no one discovers that the original is ruined. But first he has to figure out how to replicate the unique colors SooBerm used in her art. Could combining primary colors to create entirely new ones be the answer?

Educational Objective (Math):To observe that liquids, due to their property of flow, can be combined and their colors can be mixed. To understand that by mixing the primary colors in different amounts that many other colors can be created and that this process is consistent and predictable.

Live Action Segment

The kids explore mixing colors and using household objects to make different kinds of marks and strokes.

Special Delivery Monkey

After lunch at Pisghetti's restaurant, George and The Man with the Yellow Hat finish their meal with a round of the Wild Goose Chase board game. The Man explains to George that moving ahead three spaces means not counting on the space he started on - a lesson which comes in handy when George is asked to help Chef Pisghetti by delivering a very special pie to a very special meeting. Along the way, George counts bus stops and buildings - and realizes that the rules of the board game are the same rules for following directions. His counting skills pay off as he arrives just in time for the Chef to deliver a pie in the face!

Educational Objective (Math):To deepen children's knowledge of the counting sequence (from 1 to 10) and the ways this sequence can be used to solve addition problems.

Live Action Segment

A math teacher tells a counting story to the class and the kids must catch him "counting on" wrong and correct him. Then they play a game called "Trash" where the kids use their understanding of counting sequences to fill in missing card numbers.

Related Game:Mix and Paint

Episode 8

Free Hundley

If there ever was a dignified dog, it was Hundley. But once flea season begins Hundley's dignity goes right out the window - right along with his collar! - which lands him in the local pet shelter. While a caring stranger and friendly shelter director make Hundley a new home, George, Gnocchi and Charkie join forces to try and rescue the dapper dachshund and return him to his old life. Will the furry crew be able to follow an organized plan and free their friend - or will the trio find themselves under lock and key right along with Hundley?

Educational Objective (Engineering):To demonstrate that people plan in order to get things done. To understand that systems have parts that work together to accomplish a goal.

Live Action Segment

The kids learn how keys work when they go to the locksmith shop to have an old door lock repaired. The locksmith takes apart the broken door latch, diagnoses the problem and fixes it so that the key will turn.

Bag Monkey

Just putting his toys away in an organized manner is a challenge for George - so he faces an incredible test when he represents the City Grocer in the local "Bag Olympics" for bagging groceries! Toys are one thing, but fitting canned ham, eggs and paper towels neatly into the same bag may prove too tall an order - especially with the overly confident Rodney from Large Mart packing in the next corner. But then again, if George can practice at home by fitting together the shapes of his stuffed camel and muscle man together, what's a little salami and cheese?

Educational Objective (Math):To explore how simple shapes can be assembled into more complex shapes.

Live Action Segment

The kids work with a teacher on a Tangram activity. A Tangram is a set of simple shapes that can be assembled into a square and other designs. The kids must figure out how to arrange the shapes to match the diagrams they see.

Related Activity:What's That Shape

Episode 9

Monkey Stagehand

Bill needs some help behind the scenes of the town talent show and George happily volunteers. So Bill shows George the ropes, literally, and the two friends practice working the pulleys that control the curtains and scenery, and the levers for the stage trapdoors. After a few mishaps in rehearsal George takes extra care and practice in preparing for the show, and on the big night everything goes smoothly - until Bill falls through a trap door and ends up beneath the stage, leaving George alone! But knowing that the show must go on, George gathers up his courage, ingenuity - and all his hands and feet - to prove that he is an outstanding stagehand after all.

Educational Objective (Engineering):To demonstrate that systems have parts or components that work together to accomplish a goal.

Live Action Segment

The kids experiment with pulleys and ropes in the back yard. They set up a pulley system and pass different things of varying weights back and forth across the yard.

The Magic Garden

Chef Pisghetti is running low on fresh vegetables and George tries to help by weeding the Chef's rooftop garden. George doesn't know greenery, however, and ends up pulling out all of the vegetables right along with the weeds! Now the Chef must replant everything and wait for the vegetables to grow. But George doesn't want Chef Pisghetti to have to close the restaurant, so he replaces the seeds with vegetables from his refrigerator at home. Will the Chef discover that what made his garden grow overnight wasn't in fact magic fertilizer - but a hairy elf?

Educational Objective (Science, Math):To understand that the vegetables we eat are parts of plants and that plants may be cultivated for this purpose. Also to understand that plants are living things, and as such have survival needs like water, nutrients, and sun in order to grow and reproduce. Lastly to identify seeds as one way in which plants reproduce, that seed-bearing plants produce their own seeds, and to discover that the seeds from a plant will always grow into adult plants resembling the parent.

Live Action Segment (Planting Peas)

The kids visit a small farm and learn how to plant and grow snap peas. They revisit the farm months later and get to taste what they planted.

Related Game:Pogo-A-Gogo

Episode 10

Curious George, Plumber's Helper

George is bored with all of his bath toys so he brings some new ones into the tub with him. What he doesn't realize is that not all toys float, and when he drains the water some of them spiral down the drain and cause a clog. So it's Mr. Auger, Plumber Extraordinaire, to the rescue! George loves to watch Mr. Auger work, and for being an adoring fan, George gets a few plumbing lessons from the professional. The next time the drain is clogged, George thinks he can fix the problem by himself - only he forgets to tighten the pipes and soon water is overflowing all over the apartment building!

Educational Objective (Engineering):To show that when parts of a system are missing, it may not work as planned.

Live Action Segment

Using PVC pipes and a garden hose, the kids build a complex tube system to send water through. They send small objects through, which clogs the system and necessitates some further investigation.

Curious George Takes a Hike

Bill and The Man with the Yellow Hat are excited for their big hike. Bill is looking forward to collecting leaves and the Man wants to do nature drawings for his art class. George doesn't find any of these activities to be very exciting and longs to see some real action - which he gets when Bill and the Man fall off a small cliff, get stuck on a ledge, and need George to go find help. George needs to use the Man's numbered drawings of the landmarks they passed along the way, to try and find his way back to the Ranger Station for help. But will he be able to find the Man's beloved Yellow Hat which blew away?

Educational Objective (Math):To explore mapping as a way to locate a destination and points of interest along the way. Also to show that using numbered drawings of location cues helps navigate backwards through a wilderness.

Live Action Segment (Treasure Maps)

A group of kids in the park use a hand drawn map with landmarks to try and find a hidden treasure.

Related Activity:On A Hike

Episode 11

The Fully Automatic Monkey Fun Hat

George wants to have a hat as fun as The Man with the Yellow Hat's yellow hat. But picking the right headgear is hard, and no one seems to recognize him in a fedora or Bavarian fishing hat. After a day of unsuccessful hat shopping George takes matters into his own hands and makes a super hat from craft supplies and toys right at home. Using levers, pop-up techniques and some trial and error, George engineers the Ultimate Yellow Monkey Fun Hat - fully equipped with food dispenser, prop launcher, and animal inflator. But what will happen when the Man accidentally wears the monkey hat at his big presentation?

Educational Objective (Engineering):To show that everyone can design solutions to a problem, and that design is a creative process.

Live Action Segment

The kids use household supplies to design big fun hats. They begin with a design on paper and then execute their unique creations.

Creatures of the Night

George thought it was odd that all the food was gone from the bird feeder in a single night. Who or what is eating it all? Could the small animal tracks be a clue? Determined to solve the mystery George stays up all night and finds a baby possum who has lost his family. The two set off on a night journey to find the possum's home and meet some other nocturnal animals (and some very tired "day animals"!) on the way. And because their night shadows strike a scary resemblance to the legendary Lake Creature of Lake Wanasink Lake - whose tale Mr. Quint is broadcasting to the entire town on this same night - the furry twosome cause quite a stir.

Educational Objective (Science):To illustrate some nocturnal animals, in contrast to diurnal, and their habits, specifically opossums. Also to show some specific characteristics of opossums; how and where they live, what they eat, some sounds and behaviors, defense mechanisms, and their relationships to some other animals.

Live Action Segment

The kids learn about nocturnal animal behavior by performing a play called "Creatures of the Night." They wear costumes for the various nighttime animals and explain what they do at night and where they hide during the day. In creating characters based on real creatures, the kids learn about nocturnal animal behavior.

Related Activity:Plastic Bottle Birdfeeder

Episode 12

Scaredy Dog

Its time to store away some of George's toys in the basement, so George and Hundley venture into the deep downstairs - only to find themselves being scared off by a Big Creepy Noise they keep hearing. Where is it coming from? Could it be an evil robot... or a monster with a blender?! When even the Man and the Doorman get spooked, George and Hundley decide to be brave and use George's toy tape recorder and microphone to try and locate and de-code the sound. Will the terrified twosome ever find the source... or will the Noise find them first?

Educational Objectives (Science):To explore how the volume and clarity of a sound may change depending on one's distance from the source of the sound, and/or by covering or muffling the sound (covering one's ears for example.) Also to introduce tools that are used to copy (tape player) or magnify (megaphone) sound.

Live Action Segment (Silly Sounds)

The kids use a tape recorder with a speaker to record and play back various sounds in their environment. They play a guessing game with the sounds and talk about what they think the sounds might be.

Say Goodnight, George

George is out playing ball when The Man with the Yellow Hat calls him in for bedtime. But who can sleep when the sun is still out? The Man explains that in spring there's more daylight, so it's lighter at bedtime. And when he shows George how to set a clock, George likes this idea so much he takes time into his own hands and changes the clocks to accommodate his monkey play schedule. But now the Man is always late to his appointments to meet Mr. Ruffweek, the blimp owner - and if George doesn't set time straight again the two may miss a fun opportunity of a lifetime.

Educational Objectives (Science):To introduce the idea of increasing hours of daylight in summer months relative to winter months. Also to provide specific information about clocks as a way to measure time; how clock time can be adjusted, how alarms can be set, and different types of clocks.

Live Action Segment

The kids visit a clock repair shop and explore how clocks work. They learn about how weights work in a cuckoo clock and see the inner workings of a spring powered clock. Once outside they explore how the sun can also be used to tell time.

Related Game:Cows Don't Quack

Episode 13

A Bridge to Farm

When George sees six stranded chicks on an island in a pond it's monkey to the rescue! George tries out several plans. Floating on his back as a monkey life raft is only temporarily successful so George looks for design inspiration in the local railroad and truss bridges. Using marshmallows, toothpicks and playing cards George constructs and then reconstructs a bridge strong enough to support one, then two, and then all six loud peeping chicks - and even the Mother Hen!

Educational Objective (Engineering):To show that structures are made up of parts.

Live Action Segment (Candy Bridge)

The kids use materials such as marshmallows, toothpicks and red candy to build bridges between two surfaces. They experiment with different building designs and then test the bridge's strength by seeing how many marbles in a cup it can hold.

Monkey Fever

The Man with the Yellow Hat always takes such good care of George, so when the Man comes down with a terrible case of the sniffles, George wants to return the favor. But how? He decides to try his own brand of monkey medicine to nurse the Man back to health, including setting up the bedroom like a real hospital, feeding the Man's cold and starving his fever, and even playing an impromptu game of charades with the pharmacist to get the proper cold medicine. But as George plays doctor for a day, he notices that the Man's symptoms are peculiarly close to those of Betsy's cat, the new mother of five kittens. Could the Man's illness mean he's anticipating feline fatherhood?

Educational Objective (Science):To illustrate what it's like to be sick with a cold and some ways to take care of yourself when you are sick; get rest, drink fluids, eat healthy food and, if needed, take medicine. Also to introduce some doctor's tools like thermometers and stethoscopes.

Live Action Segment

The kids visit Dr. Shiva Barton, a naturopathic doctor and learn about alternative healing therapies. The doctor shows them pressure points on their bodies and the importance of staying healthy and eating right.

Related Activity:Build A House

Episode 14

Curious George, Spy Monkey

Nothing is more fun for George than reading his spy book "Double-Oh Doggy." Unless of course he can become a real Double-Oh Monkey! George goes undercover and follows The Man with the Yellow Hat, trying to solve the mystery of what surprise the Man is going to buy for George. But in order to stay completely hidden George needs proper spy gear like "Double-Oh Doggy." So using recycled materials from home, George builds his very own periscope. George can now stay hidden from the Man as he trails him around town - but will the ever eager Charkie blow his cover?

Educational Objective (Engineering):To learn how mirrors can work as tools.

Live Action Segment

Three kids do a variety of activities with mirrors. They explore reflective surfaces in their house, set up a mirror system that allows one person to see another person in different rooms, and make a homemade periscope used to track alien intruders!

Castle Keep

While George practices his golf swing, Bill shows him how a little leverage can send the ball high in the air - much to the dislike of Jumpy Squirrel in the tree! So when George and The Man with the Yellow Hat visit Uncle Tam in Scotland, George is very happy to be able to practice his swing at the Castle Golf Course. But then a pesky squirrel steals his ball and runs off, and George is sent on a wild chase throughout the castle. Luckily, he remembers the principle of leverage, and he's able to pry open windows, pull book cases, spin wheels to lower a bridge and ultimately accomplish the perfect swing not only to retrieve his ball, but to uncover a special family document that will keep the castle in the family's possession.

Educational Objective (Engineering):To show how leverage (the action of a lever pivoting about a point) works.

Live Action Segment

The kids help out in the garden by moving some planters, stones and a tree stump. They use a skateboard as a lever to move the heavy stones and also to transport the objects. The kids demonstrate the importance of using a fulcrum to help move objects.

Related Activity:Tools Count

Episode 15

Robot Monkey Hullabaloo

At the museum, George joins Professor Wiseman and The Man with the Yellow Hat on a stroll through an amazing new robot exhibit. Later, after the Man gathers his old robots to add to the collection, George notices how excited Hundley is by his first robot sighting. That's when George gets his most brainy brainstorm yet and decides to make himself into a robot to play with Hundley! Using a hodgepodge of paper, tubes, cardboard boxes, gadgets and even a colander, George glues together an awesome robot outfit that works a little too well and fools even the sharp-witted Professor Wiseman. Will George end up on display at the museum?

Educational Objectives (Engineering):To build or construct a structure using the design process and found objects.

Live Action Segment (Real Robots)

Using all sorts of fun recycled materials the kids make robots that serve various purposes including a house cleaner, an air blower and a racing robot with a brain.

Curious George and the Slithery Day

George is watching and feeding Mr. Zoobel's gopher snake, Bruno, and mice, Benjy and Willie, for the day. But Mr. Zoobel forgets to tell George that Bruno is about to shed his skin. So when George sees the shed skin he worriedly takes it to the pet store for an explanation, leaving behind the snake with his cage open! And when George comes home the mice escape too. With a little help from Hundley, a wild chase around the building ensues and George gets the animals safely back - learning a lot about snake feeding (and hiding) habits along the way.

Educational Objective (Science):To provide information about snakes as one type of animal; what it eats, where and how it lives, and some behaviors; the predator/prey relationship. Also to introduce the idea of habitat.

Live Action Segment (Backyard Bugs)

The kids look for creatures living in the back yard. They discover centipedes, slugs and a pill bug and explore the habitats they come from.

Related Activity:Dig It

Episode 16

Curious George, Web Master

While repainting the Endless Park statue for City Heritage Week, the Man's Yellow Hat blows away. While George races to recover his friend's treasure he stumbles across another—an elaborately spun spider web! Can a monkey become a web spinner and catch whatever he wants? George wants to try and he uses thread, rubber bands, tape and twine to create his own traps. The big test of his web spinning skills, however, comes back at the Park when stormy weather threatens both the Man's newly painted statue and the spider webs that inspired his web building in the first place. Can George find a way to use tarp and trees and become a true web master?

Educational Objective (Engineering):To show that humans often take ideas observed in nature and use them to develop products to meet their needs and wants.

Live Action Segment

A fisherman at the Maritime Heritage Center demonstrates how different kinds of nets are used to catch fish and lobsters.

The Big Sleepy

Bill and George go fishing on a brisk fall day. Noticing that George is cold, Bill explains that if George were a bear he'd be able to hibernate - and thus skip the cold and sleep through the winter. George thinks this is a great idea! So he prepares for his own hibernation by eating everything in the house and decorating his room to resemble a dark cave to keep out all the light. But why isn't he tired? Maybe he could get to sleep if he could block out the noises, too. George discovers that pillows and extra blankets might be able to muffle animal noises, but what could possibly block out The Man with the Yellow Hat's tuba sound?

Educational Objective (Science):To explore various materials and their properties in order to block out light and sound from a room. Also to introduce the idea of hibernation.

Live Action Segment

The kids build a cardboard fort in the backyard. They experiment with different materials to block out as much light as possible. Once the fort is dark enough they have fun making shadow puppets.

Related Activity:Monkey Made

Episode 17

Curious George Sinks the Pirates

Hundley, the proud lobby dachshund, is also quite the boats-dog and longs to set sail on the ocean blue. Hundley's dream becomes "reality" one night when he dozes off to sleep - and into a big maritime adventure. Aboard the S. S. Dignified, the most orderly ship to ever set sail, Captain Hundley and his crew - Gnocchi, Charkie, and First Mate George—gear up for a watery quest. Yet it's not exactly smooth sailing when Yellow Hat the Pirate and his crew attempt to take control of the vessel (Arrr!) and his own First Mate almost sinks the ship! Can Captain Hundley stay dignified and save the day?

Educational Objectives (Science):To introduce the idea of sinking and floating.

Live Action Segment (Sinking Stuff)

The kids play with different objects in a filled kiddy pool. They experiment with why some objects float and others don't. How do you make a floating object sink?

This Little Piggy

For George, Dulson's Toy Store is irresistible, especially since it's where he finds the sailboat of his dreams. But he learns that the boat costs five dollars—and now exactly 500 pennies stand between George and his big dream! After scouring his room and his penny reserve George comes up short, but then sets out to earn the rest of the money by doing everything from house chores to harmonica performances. The Man with the Yellow Hat gives George a special piggy bank in which to store his new savings—and, if George can only find a way to break open the bank to retrieve his funds, he'll discover that 100 nickels saved is indeed one sailboat earned.

Educational Objective (Math):To understand the value of coins.

Live Action Segment (Coin Counting)

A teacher sets up some carnival games in the classroom. Based on the prices of the games, the kids have to understand the concepts of how many pennies are in a nickel, a dime, and finally a quarter.

Related Game:Glass Palace

Episode 18

King Doggie

When a limo pulls up to the doorman's lobby, the Princess of Bratvia steps out and scoops up Hundley, claiming that he is in fact a Royal Doggie! To verify this, the Princess's Aide measures him and sure enough, Hundley's head is three buckles high, his body is four stripes long and, most importantly, he has the purple mark of Bratvian royalty on his proud chest. So her Highness takes Hundley, a.k.a Barkington the Fifteenth, off to his new palace but soon the princely pup grows weary of luxury and longs for his old lobby. So it's up to his friend George to help convince the royals that Hundley, although very dignified, is just a regular dog of the people. True, Hundley's precise measurements are indeed those of a King Doggie - but could the leftover grape jelly on his chest be a clue to his real identity?

Educational Objectives (Math):To understand how to use non standard units of measurement.

Live Action Segment (Body Measuring)

The kids trace their whole bodies on paper and then use unifix cubes to measure their height. One boy uses popsicle sticks to measure his height. What happens when you don't use the same standard of measurement? The kids line the drawings against the wall in order of height and see if they truly measure up.

The Lucky Cap

George's day goes from bad to worse. He spills a bowl of milk, gets caught in a torrential downpour, and just can't get past that seven square in hopscotch. But then The Man with the Yellow Hat gives George a new cap, and the moment George puts it on his misfortunes turn into windfalls - he finds a shiny quarter, gets a free shopping spree at Dulson's toy store, and wins his first hopscotch game ever! When the Man washes the hat, however, George's bad luck returns - it's shrunk so small that it barely fits on his head! Without the hat, George needs to figure out how to count to 25 in order to win Steve's Ultra Extreme Hopscotch Challenge. Will George discover that brainpower is a force more powerful than luck?

Educational Objective (Math):To learn to count from 1 to 22 and to count back from 5 to 1.

Live Action Segment (Dice Hopscotch)

Three kids create a variation of a hopscotch game called "dice hopscotch." They roll 3 dice with numbers and a "forward backward" die and try to count and hop their way up (and down) thirty squares!

Related Activity:Tools Count

Episode 19

Curious George, Sea Monkey

George and The Man with the Yellow Hat are overjoyed when Professors Wiseman, Einstein and Pizza invite them onto a submarine trip to retrieve a small weather satellite that crashed from space. Their first underwater adventure! Along the ocean floor, George and the crew locate the satellite - but a gigantic coral reef stands in the way of its recovery and the only way to get to it is through a tiny tunnel traversable only by a certain monkey. So, clad in a scuba outfit equipped with a camera and microphone, George investigates the wild world of life in a limestone coral reef. George is thrilled with all the colorful sights and sea-life and even makes a few fishy pals - but will the school of small coral sharks he encounters be as friendly?

Educational Objective (Science):To understand that coral reefs are made up of many living creatures.

Live Action Segment (Coral Reef)

A group of kids visit the Eco Discovery Center in Key West, Florida and explore a coral reef display with Philippe and Alexandra Cousteau.

Old McGeorgie Had a Farm

Oscar, the Renkin's prize pig, is in the State Finals but a disappointed Mr. Renkins is too busy with the farm to attend the big fair. Enter George and The Man with the Yellow Hat who volunteer to take over his work and save the day! All they have to remember is to collect exactly one gallon of milk from Leslie the cow and divide that gallon into four one-quart bottles, gather a dozen eggs for each carton, and keep track of exactly 6 hens, 8 chicks and 1 rooster. Cinchy! Except that George forgets the most important thing of all - the correct side on which to milk the cow. So a spooked Leslie starts a chain of chaos that has George and the Man scrambling to track down all their charges and stop bedlam in the barnyard.

Educational Objective (Math):To introduce standard units of measurement.

Live Action Segment

The kids help a parent refill a 4 gallon fish tank with water and must put in two drops of conditioner for every gallon. Using containers to measure out cups, quarts and gallons, the kids figure out how much water conditioner to put in.

Related Game:Count Your Chickens

Episode 20

Curious George Beats the Band

At the symphony, George is lost in his daydreams. Inspired by such beautiful music, George imagines playing with Hundley in space among the twinkling stars, and flying from the ocean up to the sky with a friendly Loch Ness monster and a school of happy ducks. So when the symphony maestro announces that George is the winner of the conductor-for-a-day contest, George can't believe his good fortune. He'll be making that wonderful music! But first George must learn the rhythms necessary to conduct an orchestra, and he studies and practices night and day. Sure enough, his debut goes brilliantly - until Charkie mistakes George's baton for a dog toy and the monkey maestro has to play "keep away" without conducting his musicians into a musical frenzy.

Educational Objective (Math):To learn to identify and reproduce patterns in music such as rhythm, pitch and musical notation.

Live Action Segment

A group of kids learn about tempo from visiting African drummer Jafar Manselle.

Hats and a Hole

A hard hat, a shovel, a wheelbarrow and a ladder - George learns that all four items are necessary when digging a gigantic hole. But why are George and the Man With the Yellow (Hard) Hat digging in their own yard? It's a surprise, and George will have to wait for the answer while the Man and Mr. Quint go help Flint Quint change a light bulb, taking the ladder with them. But when the hats fall into the hole after a run-in with Jumpy Squirrel, how will George retrieve them? After trying this hat rescue mission with several items which are not quite long enough to reach into the bottom of the hole, George decides that a water hose might do the trick. And when he accidentally turns on the water itself, the ensuing flood turns out to be a spark of genius - not only does the water float the hats to the surface, but George discovers the true purpose for the hole.

Educational Objective (Science):To introduce the idea that some things float due to their shape and/or the material they are made out of.

Live Action Segment

The kids build a floating city in a kiddy pool. They experiment with different ways of making a floating platform by using plastic containers, cardboard and air.

Related Activity:Size Them Up

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