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Curious George

Episode Descriptions & Educational Objectives

Here are descriptions and educational objectives for every CURIOUS GEORGE animated adventure and live-action segment. To find out when CURIOUS GEORGE is on in your area, check the TV Schedule.

Season One
Season Two
Season Three
Season Four
Season Five
Season Six
Season Seven

Episode 1

Curious George, Personal Trainer

Professor Wiseman is too busy to keep an exercise routine. So when she signs up to run in a fund-raising footrace, she enlists George as her personal trainer to help whip her into shape. George quickly learns there is more to exercising than meets the eye, and teaches Professor Wiseman that the keys to running are stretching, keeping hydrated, staying motivated and pacing yourself.

Educational Objective (Science):To learn about jogging as a healthy, fun way to exercise and to learn some health tips associated with jogging and exercising safely. To be introduced to the idea of building muscle strength and stamina through regular exercise.

Live Action Segment
The kids create an exercise obstacle course that includes bouncing a ball, using a stepladder, and running through cones. Their unique workout routine makes exercising a fun game as well as a beneficial and healthy activity. The kids also talk about daily activities that are good exercise: climbing stairs, walking, playing sports, and more.

Sprout Outing

George has just been made an Honorary Junior Sprout of Country County and is thrilled to be on his first trip with the troop. But when the troop gets lost in the woods, George not only finds himself separated from the group but he also discovers a man sawing branches off a tree — a clear violation of Sprout rules! Can George prevent the man from harming more trees and earn his Sprout stripes along the way?

Educational Objective (Science):To explore the variety of edible fruits and nuts that grow on trees and bushes. To be introduced to pruning as an aspect of tree and shrub maintenance that supports health and fruit production.

Live Action Segment
The kids visit the Arnold Arboretum where a guide teaches them how to identify trees based on the tree's size, shape, bark, and leaves. The kids learn about different types of trees and some of their special characteristics. Who would have ever guessed that a tree root could smell like root beer, candy, or salsa?

Episode 2

Juicy George

After one sip, George and The Man with the Yellow Hat are so hooked on Juicy Jay's special blended juice that they buy their own juicer to recreate the drink at home. But operating a juicer is not as easy as it seems, and certainly not a mess-free process! With some fun-filled experimentation, George discovers the secret ingredient and creates a juice that even impresses Juicy Jay!

Educational Objective (Science):To learn about healthy snacking, specifically fruit and vegetable drinks. To introduce experimentation as a fun way to create new flavors.

Live Action Segment
With a little help from a juice-savvy parent, the kids use a blender and a juicer to create their own kid-approved smoothie recipes. The kids experiment with ingredients and measurements to come up with nutritious and tasty drinks. Leaving no item unjuiced, the brave kids even taste test unconventional things like juiced spinach!

The Big Picture

George's favorite bird is on the endangered species list! The Man with the Yellow Hat's new book would help spread the bird word, but the bookstore doesn't think people are interested in a 1,400-page novel about a bird. George and Steve devise an attention-grabbing plan that involves an empty billboard and a razzle-dazzle picture to help promote the book, but can a monkey, a whole lot of paint, and a blank canvas save the Cerulean Warbler?

Educational Objective (Math):To recognize that a picture can be subdivided into equal smaller units. To map and reproduce (represent) the equal units of a small picture proportionately onto a large picture. To label and sequence the equal units by numbering them in order from left to right, top to bottom.

Live Action Segment
A classroom of kids is given the task of creating a wall map of South America. The teacher uses a grid to divide the map into small sections, and assigns each section to different student. Each student then draws his or her portion of South America on a larger sheet of paper. When each student is finished, the teacher assembles the huge map on the wall, and even though the students used different colors and objects to create their parts of the map, the entire shape of South America emerges.

Episode 3

George Meets Allie-Whoops!

George has lots of friends in the country, but none like Allie, the five-year-old granddaughter of the Renkins who talks just about as fast as she runs. George spends the entire day showing Allie what it's like to be a monkey, with the day ending with a lesson in tree climbing. When they climb so high up the tree that Allie gets stuck, can George bring out her inner monkey and swing into safety?

Educational Objective (Engineering):To identify problem solving as a process which includes brainstorming, decision making, testing, and evaluating.

Live Action Segment
A few kids on a second-story porch decide to surprise their friends below by lowering a marker on a string down to their unsuspecting friends. But when they want to send heavier objects down to their friends, they decide to make their very own elevator. Experimenting with various types of string, twine, rope, and a pulley, the kids create a basket elevator that successfully delivers grapes and a basketball to their grateful friends below.

Hundley's Great Escape

George and Hundley chase Gnocchi into Pisghetti's basement, only to have the door lock behind them. George and Gnocchi quickly climb up a shelf and out the window, but Hundley isn't as nimble and is left behind in the cold, dark basement. Can George figure out a way to build a ramp leading to the window that even the littlest Dachshund legs can climb?

Educational Objective (Engineering):To explore how simple machines make work easier.

Live Action Segment
Four kids are given the option of using the stairs or the ramp to get up a bridge. The kids split up to try both. One group experiences how the ramp reduces the angle of the climb at the expense of distance. The other group learns that the stairs are faster, but harder to climb. They also use objects like a ball and a bicycle to demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of both a ramp and stairs.

Related Activity:Ramp-N-Roll

Episode 4

The Inside Story

George doesn't feel so well. There's a germ lingering inside his body that has him sneezing and coughing, while making very sleepy. In a cold-induced dream, George and Gnocchi travel inside George's body, chasing a blues-singing germ named Toots and his harmonizing Germettes through the monkey's nose, stomach, and lungs as George tries to rid his body of the germ.

Educational Objective (Science):To be introduced to germs as a cause of illness. To learn some basic information about the major systems of the human body including what they contribute to health and how they are connected to one another.

Live Action Segment
The kids visit a radiologist to learn about what their own bodies look like from the inside. The radiologist shows them some x-rays, explains the process of an MRI, and performs an ultrasound on one of their hearts to see the beating motion in action.

Little Fish, Littler Pond!

A dry spell has lowered the water level of Lake Wanasink Lake, which leaves one of George and Allie's fish friends trapped in a small pond away from its family! George digs a canal with a lock between the lake and the little pond, but he can't get his fish friend to use it. Can a monkey and girl find another way to get the fish back to its family?

Educational Objective (Engineering):To understand how things and (canals) systems work through observation and investigation.

Live Action Segment
A group of kids make their own waterways in their backyard. When they encounter a split in the canal system, the kids get their ping pong ball boats to float in the right direction by blocking the incorrect path with a brick.

Episode 5

Guest Monkey

George is almost as excited as Allie on her first day of school, but is ecstatic when she invites him to school the next day as a special guest monkey! He soon learns, though, that kindergarten has a lot of special rules that he's not used to — like not climbing on the furniture or standing in the sand table. Will George get extra credit for trying to follow the rules, or will his effort create one big mess?

Educational Objective (Social Science):To understand that different settings have unique expectations for individual and group behavior. To be introduced to the idea that individuals in groups have rights and responsibilities to the group that must be agreed upon, recognized, and integrated in order for the group to function. To understand that individuality and creative self-expression are valued.

Live Action Segment
A preschooler name Keira visits a kindergarten classroom for the first time to see what big kid school is all about. During her tour, Keira learns all about the differences between preschool and kindergarten. She explores the writing center, math center, and art table, and advises other preschoolers not to worry about going to kindergarten because it's fun.

Charkie Goes to School

Charkie's building has a new rule — all dogs must have a good-behavior diploma from obedience school. After seeing Charkie struggle with the obstacle course, George recruits the academy's top alumni, Hundley, to help prepare Charkie for the final exam. Can George and Hundley figure out a way to get Charkie to cross the finish line amid all the distractions?

Educational Objective (Math):To draw basic shapes like a circle, square, triangle and rectangle. To identify the attributes of shapes (for example, a triangle has 3 straight sides). To use a drawing containing symbols to represent and remember the shapes of the objects. To build 3-dimensional objects representing different shapes.

Live Action Segment
A teacher wants to rearrange her classroom, and asks her students for help developing a plan. Using a grid to represent the available space in the room, the kids cut out shapes to represent the pieces of movable furniture in the room. Once the class votes on their favorite arrangement, they will use the winning plan as a guide to execute the room rearrangement.

Related Activity:What's That Shape

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