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Curious George

Episode Descriptions & Educational Objectives

Here are descriptions and educational objectives for every CURIOUS GEORGE animated adventure and live-action segment. To find out when CURIOUS GEORGE is on in your area, check theTV Schedule.

Season One
Season Two
Season Three
Season Four
Season Five
Season Six
Season Seven

Episode 1

George's Lawn Service

George and Allie are crazy about Mr. Renkins' new kids, his baby goats named Suzy and Sammy. But when the goats keep escaping their pen, chewing on everything in sight, George and Allie must find ways to keep their new friends contained, eventually stumbling upon an unconventional job that will surely make Mr. Renkins happy.

Hundley Jr.

What's long, low to the ground, and loves to clean milkweed off the lobby floor? Hundley Jr., the caterpillar that befriends Hundley and moves in with the dapper dachshund. But when Hundley is torn between looking after the lobby or his new friend, he turns his post over — to a monkey!

Episode 2

We Otter Be Friends

After an otter swims away with boat keys, a stranded George tries everything he can to retrieve them. But the otter is a faster swimmer, quicker runner, and better hider than George. Can George out-otter the otter and get the keys back?

Magical Mystery Ride

When George, Gnocchi, Hundley and Bill get stuck in the back of a delivery truck and end up lost, they use the one thing they have in common — their senses — to help them find their way home. But can George's eyes, Gnocchi's nose, Hundley's ears, and Steve's... brain find Gnocchi when she goes missing?

Episode 3

Honey of a Monkey

George and Steve ruin Betsy's Earth Day presentation when they accidentally eat it — a honeycomb, that is. Will their homemade beehive produce another honeycomb in time for Betsy's presentation or will she be buzzing mad at the duo?

Flashes in the Night

George, Allie, and Bill go on a late-night picture taking expedition of a mysterious nocturnal creature. But taking pictures in the dark is hard enough without having to worry about making noise to scare away their camera-shy cohorts. They'll need a new way to communicate... in a flash.

Episode 4

Curious George's Egg Hunt

When George and Allie find an egg in the grass with no nest in sight, they make it their mission to find the egg's mama and return it home. But after failing to find the egg's match and the bird's nest, could it be another type of animal is inside the tiny round shell?

Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye

Toots the blues-singing germ is back, only this time he's hiding out inside The Man with the Yellow Hat's body. Determined to rid the Man of his cold, George chases Toots out of the Man, which only causes the germ to spread to other people. Can George stop Toots before others start catching his infectious tune?

Episode 5

Sir George and the Dragon

While starring in his first community play, George dreams that he's a guard in medieval times, complete with a familiar jester, king, and knights! Will the clever little monkey figure out how to keep Dragon Charkie out of the castle or will his play be a massive flop?

Where's the Firedog?

George helps the new probationary fireman Sam accomplish his ultimate test — preventing the firedog, Blaze, from her daily escapes. When Blaze winds up in the animal shelter after getting loose, George and Sam learn the best way to keep her safe by putting tags on her collar, walking her on a leash, and keeping her occupied with plenty of friends.

Episode 6

Monkey Down Under

G'Day, Mate! George and The Man with the Yellow Hat head to the land down under for an Australian Outback Safari Adventure. While the Man goes sea cow sightseeing, George stays behind to investigate the creature leaving a set of giant footprints in the sand. Could it be a mysterious hopping clown rabbit?

Simple Siphon

George and Bill are feeling the heat on the first scorching day of the summer and decide to take a dip in Bill's pool. But when the boys find the pool filled with algae and don't have the proper tools to drain it, George discovers that a common garden hose can both fill and drain a pool.

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