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Curious George

Web Site Summary & Usage Tips

The CURIOUS GEORGE Web site is the online companion to the television series airing daily on PBS Kids. The site targets kids ages four and five, though many of its activities and resources can be used with kids who are younger and older. Like the show, the goal of the Web site is to inspire children to explore science, engineering, and math in the world around them.

On the site, Curious George, The Man with the Yellow Hat, and all their friends bring you and your child engaging online games that extend the series curriculum. While many features are designed to promote independent play, parents and kids can (and should) make time spent on the site a shared experience. The site also boasts a wealth of useful information and resources for educators and caregivers.

Discover a rich array of math games in our Busy Day area. You'll find 16 games, printable activities, a sticker book and more!

A few useful things to know about the games on this Web site:

Kids are in the driver's seat.
Games on the CURIOUS GEORGE Web site are designed to help your child play independently. Many make use of the free downloadable Flash plug-in, allowing for audio-based instructions. This means that no reading is necessary in these games. So even if your child is a pre-reader, don't be afraid to let him drive (the mouse, that is). He may need some help from you, but the image-based navigation and audio-rich CDROM-style games are designed to make him an active participant in his CURIOUS GEORGE online experience.

Games are self-leveling.
Many of the games on this Web site are self-leveling. This means that as your child plays, the game can assess how she is doing and increase the difficulty level when she is ready. This transition will be transparent to your child, so there's no outward pressure for this young audience to "get to the next level." In addition, the games are open-ended--with no final "win" or "lose" destination--so your child can play as long and as often as she likes in order to hone her skills.

Curious George joins in the fun.
George is available at all times in all games to be a good friend to your child, offering noises of support, commiseration, or excitement. (Sometimes he just offers noises for the fun of him any time during a game, and you'll hear!)

The Man with the Yellow Hat is a guide on the side.
The Man with the Yellow Hat is on hand to be a grown-up guide in the gaming environment. He'll explain each game and offer instructions. If you click on him during play, he'll do his best to offer you the particular help you need in that moment.

Here are some tips for making the most of time spent on the CURIOUS GEORGE Web site:

  • Before sitting with your child to start playing, it's a good idea to make a quick pit stop in the Technical Help area of the site to learn about any (free) downloads you might need in order to play the games and to experience this Web site at its best.
  • Next, check out the Guide to Web Features for Kids. That's where you'll find descriptions and educational objectives for every game on the CURIOUS GEORGE Web site, as well as suggestions for extending the learning away from the computer. (For an overview of ALL the content on this Web site, check out the Site Map.)
  • Explore the About the Program and About the Site areas to learn the nuts and bolts of the series. This behind-the-scenes information can help you make the most of your child's CURIOUS GEORGE experiences on TV and online.
  • Even though many of the games on the site allow your child to play on her own, watch your child participate and ask questions that will help her make real-world connections. For example, while playing Cows Don't Quack, you might ask, Do you recognize any of these animals from our trip to the zoo?
  • When he's stuck, prompt your child with useful questions that will help him work out the solution. For example, when playing On the Job, you might ask, What clothing is this person wearing? What does that tell us about his job? And don't be afraid to let your child get it wrong. As in scientific inquiry, discovering that an answer is incorrect can be just as valuable as finding the right answer.
  • After playing a game, extend the learning into some real-world play away from the computer. Check out the starter ideas in the Guide to Web Features for Kids. Then explore the resources in the Activities & More section for additional hands-on activities.
  • Use the extensive collection of live-action video clips to help your child make connections that feel especially relevant. These curriculum-themed mini-documentaries feature real kids, and can be very useful in getting your child excited about exploring concepts in science, engineering, and math.

CURIOUS GEORGE is a production of Imagine Entertainment, WGBH Boston, and Universal 1440 Entertainment, LLC.

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