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  • Storm Dodger Game
  • Episode 702: The Emperor Has Snow Clothes
  • Pre-Algebra; Math & Weather: Tracking Storms
  • Play a game that helps your child understand that storms follow paths, and a storm’s speed and direction can be tracked to help people make plans.
  • Secret Message Shapes
  • Episode 113: Eureeka
  • Geometry; Science & Engineering
  • Make 3-dimensional objects out of 2-dimensional shapes…and use them to send secret messages!
  • You Be the Judge!
  • Episode 802: Face-Off
  • Problem Solving
  • Use reasoning to judge ads for good and bad sales.
  • Slider’s Glider
  • Episode 505: The Fairy Borg Father
  • Pre-Algebra; Science & Engineering
  • Make Slider’s invention, then refine and optimize it so it flies farther.
  • Shadow Math
  • Episode 805: The Bluebird of Zappiness
  • Pre-Algebra; Measurement
  • Measure the length of shadows to estimate the height of something very tall.
  • Cool It!
  • Episode 601: Digit’s B-Day Surprise
  • Measurement; Science & Engineering; Math & Weather: Evaporative Cooling
  • Experiment with evaporation to keep an object cool on a hot day.
  • Music to Our Ears
  • Episode 503: Designing Mr. Perfect
  • Problem Solving; Science & Engineering
  • Discover the benefits of designing for function by creating musical instruments!
  • Let’s Dew It!
  • Episode 701: Gone with the Fog
  • Measurement; Science & Engineering; Math & Weather: Fog/Dew Point
  • Measure the temperature you need to make fog form.
  • How Windy Is It?
  • Episode 704: Blowin' in the Wind
  • Measurement; Math & Weather: Wind Speed
  • Make a wind gauge and measure wind speed around your neighborhood.
  • Build a Better Bunny Copter
  • Episode 505: The Fairy Borg Father
  • Pre-Algebra; Science & Engineering
  • Build a twirling bunny copter using science and engineering skills.
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