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Season 2

Episode 201: Hugs & Witches

On Valentine’s Day, the CyberSquad analyzes data to solve tricky puzzles and rescue Dr. Marbles and Lady Lovelace, trapped in a time machine.

For Real segment: On the job at a shoe store, Bianca uses sales data to order only top-selling sizes, then sees her mistake when a customer wants a large size.

Learning Goals

When your child has different numbers that describe members of a group, she can often find one number to fairly represent the group as a whole.

Topics: Using Data: Data Clusters

Episode 202: Totally Rad

The kids solve a mystery in a skate-board contest where the space in the arena keeps getting smaller, but the fence around the arena has the same length.

For Real segment: Everyone hunting for a missing diamond uses the same length of tape to outline each search area, but Harry gets upset when someone outlines a bigger area than his.

Learning Goals

Different shapes bounded by the same perimeter can enclose very different areas.

Topics: Science & Engineering, Measurement: Perimeter/Area

Episode 203: Harriet Hippo & The Mean Green

The kids make a potion for Motherboard using ingredients that call for different fractional amounts that have the same value.

For Real segment: Bianca uses equivalent fractions to build a doghouse for a pet named Lassie, but when Lassie arrives, Bianca gets a big surprise.

Learning Goals

Fractions that look different can represent the same portion of a whole.

Topics: Fractions: Equivalent Fractions

Episode 204: True Colors

To run against Motherboard on Election Day, Hacker claims he’s done 5 good deeds, so the kids search for a counter example to prove his claims are false.

For Real segment: Harry uses a stain remover that claims it removes stains from all fabrics, but it doesn’t work and he argues with counter examples to get his money back.

Learning Goals

When people use words like ‘always,’ ‘never,’ ‘all’ or ‘none’ to claim that something is true, be suspicious! Such claims are often false, and your child needs only a single counterexample to disprove them.

Topics: Problem Solving: Counterexamples

Episode 205: All the Right Angles

The kids learn how to use angles to solve riddles on a pirate’s secret treasure map so they can find the treasure before Hacker does.

For Real segment: His first time snowboarding, Harry boasts he will perform a “360” (a complete turn) by the end of the day, but the stunt takes more practice than he thought.

Learning Goals

To turn something so it points in just the right direction, your child should use an angle to measure the size of the turn.

Topics: Science & Engineering, Measurement: Angle Measurement

Episode 206: Mother’s Day

Hacker derails the train that delivers flowers for Mother’s Day and the kids have to use decimals to fix the tracks for the train.

For Real segment: Lost on a road trip, Bianca adds up the mileage and discovers she’s made a mistake putting the decimal in the wrong place.

Learning Goals

Use a decimal point to join tenths with whole numbers and your child has a decimal system he can use to easily record, compare and combine whole numbers with fractions.

Topics: Using Numbers: Decimals

Episode 207: The Eye of Rom

The team follows directions to find the Eye of Rom in an ancient pyramid and has to figure out the inverse to get back out safely.

For Real segment: In a secret-agent fantasy, Bianca follows steps to disable an alarm, but when she tries to do the inverse she misses a step and barely manages to escape.

Learning Goals

Find the inverse of an action and your child can undo it, putting things back the way they were.

Topics: Using Numbers: Inverse Operations

Episode 208: A Whale of a Tale

There’s trouble in R-Fair City and the kids use ballpark estimation to solve tricky problems and save Glowla and her cyber-whale Spout from Hacker.

For Real segment: In a scheme to “Get Rich Quick,” Harry uses ballpark estimation and finds out his calculations were off, even though he used an adding machine.

Learning Goals

To be confident about his solution to a problem, your child should make sure the answer is reasonable — that it is ‘in the ballpark.’

Topics: Using Numbers: Ballpark Estimation

Episode 209: Double Trouble

The CyberSquad returns to Shangri-La to rescue Master Pi from Hacker and discover how numbers, when they double again and again, grow very large very fast!

For Real segment: While babysitting, Harry learns from a little boy that very small numbers, when they double, become large numbers very fast.

Learning Goals

When something grows by doubling, it gets large surprisingly fast, growing ever faster the longer the doubling continues.

Topics: Pre-Algebra: Growth by Doubling

Episode 210: Raising the Bar

In a battle of bar graphs, the kids and Hacker try to prove to Ms. Fileshare that she has – or does not have – a serious problem with cyberbugs in the cybrary.

For Real segment: In their new jobs at a movie theater, Harry and Bianca compete for “Employee of the Month” and discover that using different scales on bar graphs can be misleading.

Learning Goals

Represent numbers of different things in a bar graph and your child can compare values at a glance, communicate with others and even persuade them.

Topics: Using Data: Bar Graphs

Episode 211: The Wedding Scammer

The kids make hard problems easier when they break them down into simpler problems so they can save a princess from Wicked, who is pretending to be her so she can marry Hacker.

For Real segment: Harry volunteers at the aquarium to teach a sea lion tricks and learns that hard problems can be solved by focusing on one step at a time.

Learning Goals

If your child can spot an easy problem inside a hard one, the simpler solution can help her solve the harder problem.

Topics: Problem Solving: Making Hard Problems Easier

Episode 212: The Guilty Party

The kids find the ‘guilty party’ by showing that different witnesses looking at the same objects from different points of view see them differently.

For Real segment: When Bianca can’t sink a ball in a hoop at the amusement park, she changes her point of view and discovers the hoop is an oval, not a circle, so the ball can’t drop in.

Learning Goals

Because what you see depends on your point of view, different people looking at the same objects can see them differently and disagree about what they are seeing.

Topics: Geometry: Point of View

Episode 213: A Time to Cook

Matt and Digit take on Hacker in a hit cyberspace TV cooking show and have to invent new ways to measure how much time has gone by as they cook tasty dishes.

For Real segment: As a radio DJ, Harry loses track of how much time he needs but gets a promotion when he plays songs and reads the news at different speeds to stay on schedule.

Learning Goals

When your child needs to know how much time has gone by during an event, she can note the starting and ending times with a clock and find the difference.

Topics: Measurement: Elapsed Time

Episode 214: Trick or Treat

For Halloween, Hacker puts a robot frog into Motherboard’s air duct that will destroy her unless the kids can figure out the secret number rule for how it hops and stop it.

For Real segment: Hungry on a camping trip, Bianca finds an odd vending machine in the woods and saves the day by figuring out the pattern to use when pressing buttons so food will come out.

Learning Goals

When changing one quantity determines the value of another, they are connected by a rule you may not see. Find the rule and you can predict any outcome.

Topics: Pre-Algebra: Functions

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