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Season 3

Episode 301: EcoHaven CSE

The CyberSquad uses proportional reasoning and body math to figure out who took the cyberbeast Choocroca and save Ecohaven from Hacker.

For Real segment: Harry performs magic using string and some body math to stop a heckler and win the audience’s applause.

Learning Goals

Some parts of a body are proportional to others – the length of one part is always the same multiple of another – so by measuring one part, your child can predict the lengths of others, or even the size of the whole creature!

Topics: Pre-Algebra, Body Math: Ratio & Proportion

Episode 302: The Borg of the Ring

Hacker swipes the powerful Ring of Radopolis, and the Squad, with the help of their new friend Slider, use what they know about circles to get it back.

For Real segment: Bianca uncovers a scam with the wheel of fortune at the arcade when she finds out the wheel isnt a circle and makes some colors more likely to win than others.

Learning Goals

Your child can use a circle to find all the points that are the exact same distance from a particular spot.

Topics: Geometry: Circles

Episode 303: A World Without Zero

Hacker makes Mr. Z feel worthless, so he takes all the zeroes out of numbers and leaves, and the Squad
has to show how important zeroes really are to get him back and save Gollywood.

For Real segment: Refusing to practice, Harry can’t keep his balance on a ball while auditioning for a circus act and learns the value of a fat zero on his scorecard.

Learning Goals

Zero is a number just like any other, but use it with care. When your child calculates with it, the results can be surprising!

Topics: Using Numbers: Zero

Episode 304: A Piece of the Action

Hacker traps the Squad with their tiny friends the Scritters so he can steal powerful magnetite to make his rocket 100% full and erase Motherboard’s memory forever!

For Real segment: Bianca can’t resist a 50% off sale in a novelty store but when her purchases total $500, even with the sale, she buys a little something for her dog instead.

Learning Goals

When your child has fractions with different denominators, he can compare them easily if he represents them as percents – parts of a hundred.

Topics: Using Numbers, Fractions: Percent

Episode 305: The Creech Who Would Be Crowned

The Squad, with the help of their new pal Creech, use direction & distance to stop Hacker from winning a race that will make him ruler of Tikiville.

For Real segment: After several misses, Bianca learns to use both direction and distance to kick the soccer ball where she wants it to go and make a goal.

Learning Goals

Measure both distance and direction to a given spot and your child has the information she needs to get there again and again.

Topics: Geometry: Direction & Distance

Episode 306: The Grapes of Plath

The kids and Digit estimate their way through adventures to collect the Grapes of Plath and return the Prince of the Crab Kingdom to his throne.

For Real segment: To help a friend, Harry has to be both chef and waiter in a restaurant and uses estimation when he runs out of one dish and has extras of another.

Learning Goals

A careful estimate can often give your child a useful answer to a problem.

Topics: Using Numbers: High/Low Estimation

Episode 307: A Perfect Fit

To catch the sun’s rays and energize the monster Gigabyte, Hacker puts him atop a Mayan pyramid and the kids must master the secrets of tessellation to stop him.

For Real segment: Harry tessellates pictures cut from old books to make new wallpaper for his apartment and when Sally admires his work, she wins his heart.

Learning Goals

If your child picks the right shape, she can use it again and again to tessellate – cover an area of any size she needs without gaps or overlaps.

Topics: Geometry: Tessellations

Episode 308: Be Reasonable

Hacker traps Ms. Fileshare in the Cybrary, and the kids must use reasoning to untangle confusing facts to save her.

For Real segment: Bianca uses deductive reasoning to help her friend Kelly track down a missing museum piece, but jumps to the wrong conclusion.

Learning Goals

Your child can use reasoning to sort through confusing facts and discover new information to help solve a puzzling problem.

Topics: Problem Solving: Deductive Reasoning

Episode 309: Snelfu Snafu – Part 1

The kids and Slider figure out how much to save each day to outbid Hacker at the cyberauction, but are
horrified to discover he has tricked them and taken over cyberspace!

For Real segment: Harry tries to save money for a $1,000 trip to Mexico and discovers that the small change saved in a jar over the past two years will help him meet his goal.

Learning Goals

When your child saves small amounts of money at a steady rate, her savings will grow larger and she can predict when she will have the amount she needs to buy what she wants.

Topics: Using Numbers, Money: Saving

Episode 310: Snelfu Snafu – Part 2

Hacker is in control, and the kids and Slider must spend their money wisely to fix Slider’s Syncolater so
they can rescue Motherboard and send Hacker back where he belongs.

For Real segment: As a cashier, Bianca accidentally gives a customer too little change and goes on a chase to correct her mistake, then runs out of money for the ride back to work.

Learning Goals

To spend money wisely, your child should compare the amount of money he has with the cost of the things he needs to be sure he can afford his purchases.

Topics: Using Numbers, Money: Spending

Episode 311: Shari Spotter and the Cosmic Crumpets

The kids and Shari Spotter of Frogsnorts must master mixed fractions to bake a new batch of magic crumpets to stop Hacker from becoming an all-powerful magician.

For Real segment: Bianca explains what to do with a fraction that has a numerator larger than the denominator while making cupcakes with a friend for her school’s Halloween bake sale.

Learning Goals

A fraction can represent parts that are more than a whole.

Topics: Fractions: Mixed-Number Fractions

Episode 312: Starlight Night

Hacker will put out the lights on Starlight Night unless the CyberSquad can spot an easy problem inside a hard one and use the answer to the first to solve the second.

For Real segment: After learning the phone system in a luxury hotel is out of order, Harry uses problem solving skills to make wake-up calls in person and work off his bill.

Learning Goals

If your child can spot an easy problem inside a hard one, the simpler solution can help him solve the harder problem.

Topics: Problem Solving: Finding a Simpler Case

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