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Season 4

Episode 401: Balancing Act

The kids and Shari Spotter team up to make a film about Frogsnorts and all goes well until they discover they are going to run out of money if they don’t make a  budget and follow it!

For Real segment: Harry plans a perfect $100 date with Jenna, but when Harley shows up and orders an expensive meal, he has to think fast to stay on budget and win Jenna’s heart.

Learning Goals

Use a budget to plan future expenses and your child can control his spending so he doesn’t run out of money.

Topics: Problem Solving, Using Numbers, Money: Budgeting

Episode 402: The Icky Factor

Hacker holds Icky the cyberslug captive so he can use the Electric Eel of Aquari-yum for power and the kids and Digit must master factoring to save the site in time.

For Real segment: On a job as a substitute teacher, Harry asks the 24 students to rearrange the desks with an equal number in each row and, after a few tries, they learn all the factors of 24.

Learning Goals

Your child can use rectangular patterns to find or test the factors of a number.

Topics: Using Numbers: Factoring

Episode 403: Penguin Tears

Our heroes become trapped in an icy cave in Cyberia and must use the angle-in-equals-angle-out bouncing rule to break out.

For Real segment: In a game of 8-ball with Harley, Harry uses the angle-in-equals-angle-out rule to bounce the cue ball off the rail to sink it and win the game.

Learning Goals

Balls that bounce all follow a simple rule – ‘angle in equals angle out.’ Your child can master the rule to make balls go just where she wants, bounce after bounce.

Topics: Math & Sports, Geometry: Bouncing

Episode 404: Past Perfect Prediction

The team helps Slider open his father’s garage and track sales data to predict how long it will take to earn the money he needs to pay off Hacker.

For Real segment: Harry develops a week-long sneezing fit and when he tracks and studies data about when and where he sneezes, he discovers he has a cat allergy.

Learning Goals

Spot a pattern in data from the past and your child can predict the future.

Topics: Money, Using Data: Predicting from Data

Episode 405: Measure for Measure

Hacker sickens Slider and his dad with magnetite and our heroes must use the right measuring tools to make the only antidote that can cure them before it’s too late!

For Real segment: Bianca auditions for a cooking show and, while playing to the camera, makes measuring mistakes that result in a deflated cake.

Learning Goals

When your child needs to measure a certain volume, he should choose the tool that comes closest to measuring that amount.

Topics: Measurement: Choosing Units of Measure

Episode 406: A Change of Art

When cybersites mysteriously start losing power, the kids use a line graph to track and discover a pattern that links the power loss with the arrival of strange Hacker statues.

For Real segment: Harry trains to be a firefighter using line graphs to chart his progress, but doesn’t realize he has to take the test wearing full firefighting gear!

Learning Goals

Use a line graph to picture change and your child’s eyes can quickly tell him when and how things are changing.

Topics: Pre-Algebra, Using Data: Line Graphs (Interpreting Change)

Episode 407: The Case of the Missing Memory

Someone steals Motherboard’s Memory Integrator and the team has to sort out what they know, don’t know, and need to know to solve the mystery.

For Real segment: In her latest detective fantasy, Bianca works on the case of a missing parakeet and uncovers a key piece of missing information to figure out where the parakeet is.

Learning Goals

When faced with a problem, your child should make she has all the information she needs to solve it.

Topics: Problem Solving: Missing Information

Episode 408: A Crinkle in Time

The team gets stuck in Ticktockia and must discover how the size and number of teeth on gears affect turning speed to escape before time runs out.

For Real segment: Kelly asks Bianca to go biking in the park so Bianca buys a multi-geared racing bike to outdo her friend, but ends up jealous when Kelly finds a cute guy to ride with her.

Learning Goals

Watch carefully how two gears mesh and your child can discover how their size and number of teeth affects the speed at which each turns.

Topics: Pre-Algebra, Science & Engineering: Gears

Episode 409: A Broom of One’s Own

Wicked tricks the CyberSquad into finding out how fast her new brooms fly so she can make an army to take over Motherboard.

For Real segment: After coping with an empty gas tank and flat tire, Bianca has to calculate her time, distance and speed to make it in time to attend a glamorous movie premiere.

Learning Goals

Your child can use speed – the distance you travel in a unit of time – to tell how far she will go in any amount of time.

Topics: Pre-Algebra, Science & Engineering: Time/Distance/Speed

Episode 410: A Tikiville Turkey Day

The team and Creech study patterns in nature to rebuild and restore the spirit of the Egg of Benedicta to
save the day of thanksgiving in Tikiville.

For Real segment: With the help of a plant expert, Bianca studies patterns in nature  to find out why she’s
been killing every plant she owns.

Learning Goals

Find the rule for a pattern observed in the natural world and your child can use what he has learned to make similar patterns of his own.

Topics: Pre-Algebra, Science & Engineering: Patterns in Nature

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