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Season 5

Episode 501: The Halloween Howl

To stop Hacker from ruining the annual Halloween bash in Castleblanca, the kids must figure out how to use division to evenly split up rock candy and bunches of garlic!

For Real segment: It’s Halloween night and Bianca’s birthday, but she is grumpy until her friends divide their Halloween treats into three equal groups to give her a present of candy.

Learning Goals

To divide some items equally among a number of people, your child can skip-count to discover how many each person gets.

Topics: Using Numbers, Division

Episode 502: A Clean Sweep

The kids must solve problem after problem to engineer a vacuum to clean up harmful magnetite confetti and save Radopolis from Hacker’s latest scheme.

For Real segment: Harry invents his very own Venetian blinds that open and close by remote control.

Learning Goals

When your child needs something that doesn’t exist, invent it! He can use what he knows about problem solving to overcome hurdles along the way.

Topics: Problem Solving, Science & Engineering: Inventions (From Can’t to Can)

Episode 503: Designing Mr. Perfect

Wicked turns Digit into a frog prince and, while making an invention to save him, the Squad discovers that starting with a design helps ensure the invention will work.

For Real segment: When Harry’s ceiling needs a new coat of paint, his ladder breaks, but instead of giving up, he uses pieces of the ladder to design stilts that function as well for the job.

Learning Goals

Your child can make a design – a plan for an invention – before she starts building it so she can make sure that it will function the way she wants it to.

Topics: Problem Solving, Science & Engineering: Inventions (Design for Function)

Episode 504: EcoHaven Ooze

To build a ‘Trojan Ducky’ to get inside a fort and stop Hacker from stealing the ooze of EcoHaven, the kids make a model to figure out how to make the ducky waddle.

For Real segment: Harry’s brilliant invention for getting rid of his trash improves when he makes a model to test it.

Learning Goals

Your child can build a working model of an invention to communicate and test his ideas, and make necessary
improvements so the invention works the way he wants it to.

Topics: Problem Solving, Science & Engineering: Inventions (Testing with Models)

Episode 505: The Fairy Borg Father

Zanko the Fairy Borg Father makes Delete’s ‘Bunny-Copter’ invention big enough to carry them, but Jackie and Inez must improve the design so it’s safe to use to rescue Matt.

For Real segment: Bianca designs a device to keep Mojo’s dinner covered until 5 o’clock, then refines her invention until it works perfectly.

Learning Goals

When your child has an invention that needs an improvement, she can identify the key feature that needs changing and vary it until the invention is as good as it can be.

Topics: Pre-Algebra, Problem Solving, Science & Engineering: Inventions (Refine & Optimize)

Episode 506: The Flying Parallinis

Meet TW, a young Parallini who knows how to harness the power of parallelograms to help rescue Jackie, trapped by Hacker atop Mount Wayupthere.

For Real segment: Stuck in bed with a broken ankle, Bianca has trouble reaching things until a friend gives her a reach-and-grab tool made of hinged parallelograms that lengthen when flattened.

Learning Goals

Your child can stretch or collapse the shape of a parallelogram without changing the length of its sides.

Topics: Science & Engineering, Geometry: Parallelograms

Episode 507: Crystal Clear

Digit goes wonky and needs the Synchronizer, a huge crystal, to fix him, but Hacker destroys it and to grow another, the kids must first understand crystal geometry.

For Real segment: Bianca’s little cousin Antonio asks her to help him make rock candy and, while waiting for the sugar crystals to form, teaches her about the geometry of crystals.

Learning Goals

When materials form crystals, your child can use their regular and unique geometric shapes to tell them apart and even identify them.

Topics: Geometry, Science & Engineering: Math in Nature (Crystals)

Episode 508: Inside Hacker

To change Hacker from bad to good, Matt goes inside him but then gets trapped and Inez and Jackie must program a robot to go inside and get Matt out.

For Real segment: Volunteering at a hospital, Bianca programs a robot to do one of her jobs, but she forgets a step, the robot takes a wrong turn, and Bianca gets in trouble.

Learning Goals

To get a robot to do a job, your child can break the job into a sequence of simple steps – a program – the robot can obey.

Topics: Problem Solving, Science & Engineering: Robotic Reasoning

Episode 509: On the Line

It’s chaos again when a cy-vulture steals a powerful device from Digit and gives it to Hacker, but our
team uses two straight lines to pinpoint Hacker’s hideaway and stops him.

For Real segment: Harley offers to give Harry two tickets to a ball game and, after missing each other a few times, the two agree to meet at a corner where two streets intersect.

Learning  Goals

Your child can use where two straight lines cross to locate an object.

Topics: Geometry: Properties of a Line

Episode 510: A Fraction of a Chance

To save his pals who are trapped in a vortex, Digit must team up with Wicked to figure out how the top and bottom numbers of a fraction can explain Motherboard’s clues.

For Real segment: On the job at a chocolate shop, Harry shows Harley how to use fractions to fill orders, but when Harley eats half an order, Harry writes in chocolate: “You’re fired!”

Learning Goals

When your child shares parts of a whole, it takes two numbers to tell the story – the top and bottom numbers of a fraction.

Topics: Fractions

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