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Season 7

Episode 701: Gone with the Fog

Hacker nabs Gollywood’s three stylists to give him a new­­­ ‘look’ and to rescue them, our heroes learn about dew point to make a dense fog.

For Real segment: Harry’s date is nearly ruined by fog until a meteorologist tells him the temperature is about to rise above the dew point so he can have a fog-free view of the city skyline.

Learning Goals

If your child keeps track of both air temperature and humidity, she can predict when fog will appear as the temperature drops.

Topics: Pre-Algebra, Measurement, Math & Weather: Fog

Episode 702: The Emperor Has Snow Clothes

On a mission to rescue the Emperor of Penguia, a blizzard threatens to ruin the kids’ plans so they track the storm’s speed and direction to predict where and when it will hit.

For Real segment: While camping, a scary thunderstorm forces Harry to his car to call a meteorologist who tracks the storm and tells him that in just a few minutes, the storm will be gone.

Learning Goals

If your child knows the speed and direction of a storm, he can predict its storm track, and estimate when the storm will reach you.

Topics: Pre-Algebra, Math & Weather: Predicting Storms

Episode 703: The X-Factor

Digit’s Digi-Fizz is an overnight hit in Perfectamundo, but the toy causes pollution and the team must find a clean-up solution that will multiply as fast as the pollution did.

For Real segment: After littering on Earth Day, Bianca imagines a scary scene in which the world is covered in trash and decides to change her ways and become part of the solution to pollution.

Learning Goals

When many people contribute to a small problem, what they do doesn’t just add up, it multiplies into a big problem. To solve it, your child can look for a small solution that can be multiplied the same way.

Topics: Using Numbers, Math & Weather: Power of Multiplication

Episode 704: Blowin’ in the Wind

A cure for Motherboard might be hidden in the windiest spot in the Northern Frontier and the kids must figure out how to measure wind speed at different places to look for it.

For Real segment: Bianca makes a wind gauge to measure how hard the wind blows in different places so she can find a spot to fly a kite she gave to her niece for her birthday.

Learning Goals

To pick the best place to get power from the wind, your child can measure the speed of the wind in different places over time and choose the spot whose wind speeds are typically the fastest.

Topics: Measurement, Math & Weather: Measuring Wind Speed

Episode 705: Father’s Day

To ruin Father’s Day in Tikiville and embarrass Creech’s dad, Hacker sends secret messages to his bad guys and the team must figure out the pattern to his codes to stop him.

For Real segment: Harley has overstayed his welcome at Harry’s apartment so Harry makes use of Harley’s nosiness to send him a coded message which Harley decodes: It’s time for him to go!

Learning Goals

Your child can use clues to find the hidden rule behind one secret message, then decode every message made with that rule.

Topics: Pre-Algebra, Patterns in Codes

Episode 706: The Deedle Beast

Dewey the Deedlebeast starts going crazy on his daily walks in Golftopia and Digit calls the kids to help gather information about events happening at the same time.

For Real segment: As Harry dogsits for a friend, the dog mysteriously starts barking every morning in his apartment, so Harry tracks the dog’s barking behavior on a chart and solves the mystery!

Learning Goals

To understand why an animal does something again and again, your child can keep track of both its behavior and any events that might cause it, then look for a pattern that connects one with the other.

Topics: Using Data, Science & Engineering: Animal Behavior

Episode 707: Spellbound

Wicked casts a spell in Pompadoria and Matt & Inez use a grid to accurately describe a spell-breaking symbol so Jackie & Digit can reproduce it and rescue the Pompadorians.

For Real segment: Bianca finds a cute pattern to make a stuffed pig for her cousin’s baby shower, but the pattern is too small so her niece shows her how to enlarge it using a grid.

Learning Goals

If your child uses a grid to divide a picture into pixels – same-size squares of different colors – he can use the orderly properties of the grid to reproduce the picture anywhere at any size, no matter how large or small.

Topics: Pre-Algebra, Grids as Tools

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