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Featured Activities

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  • Episode
  • Learning Goal
  • Description
  • Tightrope Walking
  • Episode 118: Daniel Plays Ball/ O Builds a Tower
  • Patience, Tenacity, Concentration and Confidence.
  • Walking on a tightrope takes a lot of practice. Tightrope walkers have to keep on trying.
  • My Bedtime Routine Book
  • Episode 117: Good Morning Daniel/ Goodnight Daniel
  • Managing bedtime, listening to rules, literacy, responsibility
  • Cut out pictures from magazines or use photos of your own child to create a Bedtime Routine Book.
  • Go Stop Go
  • Episode 113: Daniel Waits for Show and Tell
  • Self- control; Listening Skills; Coordination
  • Here’s a jazzy way to help your child practice self-control by combining music with this 'freeze" game.
  • Make Your Own Pizza
  • Episode116: Be a Vegetable Taster!/ Daniel Tries a New Food
  • Making healthy food choices; Trying new foods; Dexterity
  • Here's a meal that you can make together and find opportunities to introduce – and taste – new foods.
  • Growing Takes Time
  • Episode 113: Daniel Waits for Show and Tell/ A Night Out at a Restaurant
  • Patience; Awareness of science (learning about growing); Appreciating nature; Curiosity
  • With this activity, children can see day by day that living things grow.
  • What’s Your Job?
  • Episode 112: Daniel is Big Enough to Help Dad
  • Responsibility; Literacy; Number recognition
  • What a good feeling it can be for children to know that it’s not only adults who are the “helpers,” but that children can be helpers too.
  • Making Paper Chains
  • Episode 107: Friends Help Each Other
  • Cooperation; Dexterity; Early math skills
  • One child working alone can’t make a very long chain, but if another child gets involved, that chain will grow … and grow!
  • Taking Turns
  • Episode 110: Daniel Shares His Tigertastic Car/ Katerina Shares Her Tutu
  • Taking turns; Patience; Literacy; Number recognition
  • Practice taking turns with a spinner you make yourself.
  • Thank You Cards
  • Episode 114: Thank You Grandpere Tiger!/ Neighborhood Thank You Day
  • Expression of appreciation to others; Creativity; Literacy; Dexterity
  • Help your child develop an attitude of gratitude with this activity.
  • Coupon Gifts
  • Episode 108: Something Special for Dad/ I Love You, Mom
  • Responsibility; Literacy; Creativity; Kindness;
  • Making gift coupons is one way to say “I love you.”
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