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A Silly Folded Picture

It’s easier to find a way to play together with an activity like this one that needs more than one player.

line art silly picture


  • Sheets of paper
  • Pencil, pen or marker



Here’s an idea that’s no fun to do alone – your child will need at least one other partner, but it works even better with three.

  • Fold a sheet of paper in thirds, so that only the top third is showing
  • Out of view of the others, have your child draw the head of an animal or person on the top third. Then ask your child to fold that section under to hide what he or she has drawn.
  • The next person sees only the middle third, where he or she will draw the body of a person or animal. Fold the picture so the top two-thirds are hidden, and pass it on to someone else.
  • The last person will draw the legs of the animal or person.
  • Unfold the picture to find a funny group masterpiece!

Take It Further

You might want to try other activities that encourage cooperation. Just by unfurling a long roll of paper with enough room for friends to draw together, they’ll realize that they can work side by side and end up with a much bigger and more interesting mural than any one child can draw alone.

Talk About It

Be sure to comment with an encouraging word when children are working well together. They probably aren’t going to get along all the time, but when you praise cooperative moments, you’re helping your child know you value cooperation.

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