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Dinosaur Discoveries


Featured Activities

  • Activity
  • Episode
  • Learning Goal
  • Description
  • Dinosaur Hand Shadows
  • Episode 135: The Good Mom / Hornucopia
  • Science; Art
  • Help your child learn and create the shape of various dinosaurs.
  • Collect a Critter
  • Episode121: Dinosaur Camoflauge / Family Scavenger Hunt
  • Science; Animals
  • Help your child observe and appreciate insects and other small (safe) wild animals in your area.
  • Camouflage Cloak
  • Episode121: Dinosaur Camoflauge / Family Scavenger Hunt
  • Science; Animals; Art
  • Help your child understand how animals use camouflage to hide.
  • Bird Beak Buffet
  • Episode 120: The Old Bird / Home with Shiny & Don
  • Science; Animals
  • Experiment with different utensils and explore each tool's capacity to pick up assorted food objects.
  • All Aboard! It’s a Dino Breakfast
  • Episode 125: Pteranodon Family World Tour / Gilbert the Junior Conductor
  • Science; Math; Cooking; Literacy
  • Help your child learn how to prepare a special dinosaur-themed breakfast.
  • Playing Dino Ball Your Way
  • Episode 109: Armored Like an Ankylosaurus/Campout!
  • Teamwork; Sportsmanship
  • Invent the rules for an imaginary game featured in Dinosaur Train - Dino Ball!
  • Hungry Herbivores
  • Episode 102: The Call of the Wild Corythosaurus/Triceratops for Lunch
  • Animals; Categorization; Food; Art
  • Learn what an herbivore is, then create and compare two collages.
  • Even Bigger Than a T. Rex!
  • Episode 104: I'm a T-Rex! / Ned the Quadruped
  • Science; Measurement; Comparison
  • Comprehend the size of some gigantic dinosaurs.
  • Dinosaurs of a Feather
  • Episode 106: Fast Friends/T. Rex Teeth
  • Comparison; Observation; Birds
  • Learn about feathers and create a 3-D picture of what a feathered Velociraptor might have looked like.
  • Dinosaurs A to Z
  • Episode 105: One Smart Dinosaur / Petey the Peteinosaurus
  • Alphabet; Diversity
  • Practice the letters of the alphabet while learning about the diversity of dinosaurs.
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