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Dinosaur Discoveries

Create Your Own Dinosaur Train Geocache

Follow these instructions to create and hide your family’s own Dinosaur Train-themed cache:

1. Register at

Membership is free! If you are a new or existing member, be sure to review the helpful tips for hiding, finding and maintaining a geocache. You may also want to see the Dinosaur Train page at

2. Pick a hiding spot.

Geocaches may not be hidden within .1 mile of each other. Before selecting a hiding spot, check out the location on to be sure your site meets the guidelines. Visit the location before hiding the geocache to determine the maximum size for your geocache. Use common sense when hiding a geocache. There are sensitive locations including railroad tracks, bridges and tunnels, national monuments and parks that are off limits to geocaches.

Geocaches should never be placed in an area where they may be perceived as something dangerous and should never be buried. Make sure to obtain permission from the land owner or land managing agency prior to hiding your geocache.

3. Select a geocache container.

Containers may be as small as an empty film canister to as large as an ammo box. Watertight containers are best. Select the size you would like to hide based on your hiding spot. Include a log book for geocachers to sign upon finding your geocache. Some geocachers place small gifts for finders in the container, if they fit. If you do, please remember to never place food or illegal items! Make sure to label your geocache as a geocache. Official stickers may be purchased on but you can also make your own.

4. Make your cache Dino-mite!

Use the Dinosaur Train images provided to print out the graphics you like on sticky labels and affix them to your container.

5. Personalize!

Dinosaur Train asks everyone who finds our geocaches,“What is your favorite dinosaur?” Pick one of these questions to ask your finders:

• What is your favorite dinosaur?

• What birds did you see today?

• Can you identify a flower you saw today?

• Which museum is your favorite?

• Draw your favorite carnivore.

6. Educate!

Include a natural history, life science or paleontology fact in your geocache.You could tell finders what your state flower is, or if there was a dinosaur found nearby.

7. Hide your geocache.

You’ve scouted out the perfect hiding place; you’ve obtained permission to place a geocache there; you’ve designed the best Dinosaur Train geocache ever; now go outside, get into nature and hide a geocache for people to discover! Remember, never bury your geocache. You may use camouflage to help hide the container.

Record the GPS coordinates of your hiding spot with your GPS enabled device.

8. Register your geocache.

You’re almost there! Once you’ve hidden your geocache, you must register it online at You will be asked to input the GPS coordinates and describe the geocache’s size, location and other points of interest. You will also need to provide a name for your Dinosaur Train Geocache. Follow this guideline to make your geocache easy to search for:

[Your Family Name] Dinosaur Train Geocache: [Your Dinosaur’s Name].

Example: Wilson Family Dinosaur Train Geocache: Hadrosaurus.

Some people write poems or riddles in their descriptions, others include information about the significance of the hiding spot. Take time to craft a fun and educational geocache description! Please avoid including commercial content in your geocache description. Geocachers don’t appreciate it and it will make the review and approval process more difficult. Lastly, be sure to include the Dinosaur Train URL:

9. Maintain your geocache.

Congratulations! By now your geocache is approved by reviewers and published. Be sure to follow your geocache on as finders will alert you if your geocache needs maintenance (example: new log book or contents have gotten wet) or has gone missing. If you have to remove the geocache for any reason you should disable or temporarily disable your geocache’s listing, depending on whether or not you can re-hide the geocache later, so that people don’t go looking for something that is not there.

10. Tell us about it!

We want to include your geocache in our official bookmark list of Dinosaur Train geocaches! Send a link to your listing to

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