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Dinosaur Discoveries

Nature Trackers Summer Challenge

Join Dinosaur Train this summer as we embark on a ten-week adventure with the Nature Tracker Summer Challenge, beginning June 20th!

Nature Trackers Summer Challenge

From velociraptors to volcanos, the exciting activities will help kids explore and learn more about nature, dinosaurs, and more! Follow along with us week by week with the experiments and episodes listed below and on the Henson Family Hub Facebook.

Be sure to make Buddy and his friends part of your summer!


Week 1 –  Stargazing
WATCH – Episode 217:  Remember the Alamosaurus / Sunrise, Sunset (Airs 6/22 @ 11:30A)
PLAY – Under the Night Sky:  Act Nocturnal! 
DOMoon Observation!  


Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 2.50.14 PMWeek 2 – Birds
WATCH – Episode 303:  SolarTrain / Birdwatching (Airs 7/1 @ 11:30A)

PLAY – Go birdwatching:  Head to your nearest park or garden and go bird watching! 

DO – Create a bird feeder: Make a homemade bird feeder to hang outside your window or in a tree by your home.  

EXTRA – Make a Windsock: By using simple craft materials you can create and decorate your own windsock!  


Week 3 – Insects!
WATCH – Episode 305:  Tiny’s Fishing Friend / Butterflies (Airs 7/4 @ 11:30A)
PLAY – Make a Dragonfly:  Help your child learn some basic insect anatomy.  
DOGrow your own crystals!
EXPLORE – Learn more about itty bitty critters with Dr. Scott the Paleontologist. 


Week 4 – MososaurusScreen Shot 2016-06-17 at 2.49.56 PM

WATCH – Episode 409:  Rollin’ on the Riverboat (Airs 7/12 @ 11:30A)

PLAY – A Colorful Hypothesis:  Apply the term “hypothesis,” and investigate a colorful body of water! 

DO – Take a trip with your grown up to your nearest natural or man-made body of water and record your nature observations!


Week 5 – Herbivores  
WATCH – Episode 110:  Laura the Giganotosaurus / Dinosaur Poop! (Airs 7/20 @ 11A)
PLAY – Brachiosaurus Picnic Games (games sheet)
DO – Have a Brachiosaurus Picnic:  Help your child prepare a vegetarian (herbivore) picnic.  
EXPLORE – Hungry Herbivores:  Learn what an herbivore is, then create and compare two collages. 


Week 6 – Eoraptor

WATCH – Episode 124:  Erma Eoraptor / Under the Volcano  (Airs 7/28 @ 11:30A)

PLAY & DO – Eruption:  Help your child understand how a volcano forms and what causes it to erupt.  

EXPLORE -Nature: Vibrant Volcanoes and a clip from Ken Burns’ National Parks. How is it similar and different to the model your child created?




Week 7 – Pteranodon
WATCH – Episode 125:  Pteranodon Family World Tour / Gilbert the Junior Conductor (Airs 7/31 @ 6:30A)
PLAY – Bird Beak Buffet:  Experiment with different utensils and explore each tool’s capacity to pick up assorted food objects.
DO – Help your child learn how to prepare a special dinosaur-themed breakfast! 
EXPLORE – Join Dr. Scott the Paleontologist as he teaches us about the Pteranodon.  


Week 8 – Get Outdoors! 

WATCH – Episode 406:  Smell the Flowers / Mom’s Campout (Airs 8/11 @ 11:30A)

PLAY – Reinvent the Rules!:  Play a game of Dino Ball. 

DO – Flower Expedition:  Go on a flower expedition around your neighborhood or local park. 




Week 9 – Tyrannosaurus Rex
WATCH – Episode 205:  Buddy Explores the Tyrannosaurs / Rainy Day Flight (Airs 8/17 @ 11:30A)
PLAY – Dinosaur Train Geocache:  Find a geocache in your area! (Unable to locate one in your area? Create your own!)  
DO – Even Bigger than a T. Rex: Comprehend the size of some gigantic dinosaurs.


Week 10 – Nature

WATCH – Episode 206:  That’s Not a Dinosaur / Tiny’s Garden (Airs 8/25 @ 11A)

PLAY – Nature A to Z: Find one living thing for every letter in the alphabet!  

DOMake a Terrarium!  

EXPLORE – Be a Nature Hero:  Make some changes! Use the Nature Hero Checklist for ways to help your local natural environment. 


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