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Eat Smart for a Great Start Challenge

Understanding Where Food Comes From

Cory VicensHi, and welcome back to Together Thursday! This weekend, why not incorporate healthy food into a family activity? Do you have a local farmers’ market nearby? How about taking a trip to a pick-your-own farm, where your kids will have an opportunity to see where fresh fruits and vegetables come from? Or you can pick up some seeds and start your own indoor herb garden. It will come in handy this winter, when you might not be able to grow herbs outdoors.

Mother and son at a farmers marketWhile you and your family are doing any of these activities, encourage your kids to learn a little more about foods. Here are a few ideas:

  • If you visit a farm or a farmers’ market, teach your kids what to look for in fresh produce with this activity from “Fizzy’s Lunch Lab.” You can also encourage your kids to ask questions of the vendors or farmers. How much longer will the foods be in season? How should they be stored when you get home? How long will they last if you store them correctly?
  • If you go to a pick-your-own farm, check to see what is in season. Help your kids learn about growing seasons by asking the staff about other crops they grow on the farm. When are those in season?
  • If you decide to grow your own herbs, talk to your kids about the instructions on the seed packet. How long will it take for the seeds to sprout? How often will you need to water them? Where should you put the plants so that they get enough sun?

And once you bring home your produce or herbs, you and your kids can cook up some fresh foods!

—Cory Vicens

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