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Eat Smart for a Great Start Challenge

Eat Smart for a Great Start To start the school year off right, we’ve gathered resources that encourage healthy eating and physical activity – including expert tips, kid-friendly recipes and activities featuring your child’s favorite PBS KIDS characters. Join us along with our expert contributors and our partners, Produce for Kids and for our back-to-school Eat Smart for a Great Start Challenge. Would you like a reminder of our daily challenges? Sign up now!


Playing Fair

Soccer teamHi, I’m Aleks Nearing from Produce for Kids Parents on Produce board. Next week on Monday, “Clifford” and “The Cat in the Hat” both feature episodes that address fair play and respect. These are important qualities to model and teach your children so that they can enjoy the benefits of group activities…

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How to Get Your Kids to Eat Vegetables

Family cooking togetherAlmost every kid has things that they don’t like to eat, or goes through phases when they decide they’re no longer eating something. It’s a natural part of development for children to express their independence through food choices. But it does seem like vegetables get more than their fair share of rejection during this process, and there are some things you can do to encourage…

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Experiment with Food

Fizzy's Lunch LabHi, it’s me, Professor Fizzy, and today we’re going to talk about one of my favorite topics: exploring food and nutrition! As you know, I run a laboratory, so I’m partial to experimentation as a great way to learn and have fun. Here’s an experiment you can do at home to learn more about foods and enjoy at the same time!

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Building Confidence in Kids

Father teaching son to ride a bikeHi, I’m Dr. Stephanie Smith, and I’m a clinical psychologist, blogger and Parents on Produce advisor at Produce for Kids. At I write about creating healthy lifestyles for kids and families. Anxiety about trying new things is certainly something that both kids and adults can experience…

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Getting Your Child to Eat New Foods

Mom and toddler eating“I don’t like that.”
“Yuck, what is that?”
We’ve all encountered one of these moments, right? Sometimes just getting our children to try new things is a major step toward helping them to eat right. After all, they can’t “eat the rainbow” if they’ll only eat food …

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Encouraging Kids to Keep Active

Family at a parkHi, I’m Aleks Nearing author of Busy Working Mama and member of Parents on Produce at Produce for Kids. On today’s episode of “Sid the Science Kid,” Sid was amazed to learn about his skeleton (and why he can’t scratch behind his ear with his foot like his dog, Filbert!). If you missed it, you can catch the episode, “How Did My Dog Do That?”…

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Make the Most of Meals Together

Family eating dinnerHi, I’m Cory Vicens from, and I’ll be joining you every Thursday for the next four weeks to talk about cooking and eating together as a family. Earlier this year, surveyed parents about their own family’s food and nutrition habits, and we found that nearly 85 percent of families will eat dinners together four or more times each week…

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Explore Protein with Professor Fizzy

Fizzy's Lunch LabWelcome, I’m Professor Fizzy, the host of “Fizzy’s Lunch Lab” on PBS KIDS Go! In my lab we mix up exciting and enticing new recipes with my extraordinary knowledge of nutrition. Of course, I don’t do it all alone, and today, I’m happy to introduce you to my friend Sully the Cell, the host of Sully’s Guide to the Human Body….

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Ads for Healthy Eating

Girl eating apple If you’ve ever been prodded to buy the newest game, food or snack by your child, then you know that kids are surrounded by advertising. Food advertising can be a challenge when encouraging healthy eating, but you can help your child be more media savvy and creative by looking at TV ads and dreaming up some of your own…

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Food as Fuel

Sid the Science KidHow do you get started talking to your kids about health and nutrition? Well, we’re in luck, because this week, “Sid the Science Kid” is all about the body, kicking things off with a look at digestion (and don’t kids love the slimy stuff?). You can make the exploration of digestion fun (and maybe a little messy) with Sid the Science Kid’s Digestion Investigation activity…

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