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Daddy's Lullaby
by Tony Bradman
When daddy returns home from work everyone is sound asleep except for the baby. He takes the baby into his arms and sings a lullaby until they both fall asleep. Stunning, realistic pictures bring this tender story to life.
Ages: Babies, Toddler, Preschooler
Themes: Family
Types: Read Aloud
Ears, Nose, Fingers, and Toes: A First Book All About You
by Judy Hindley
This exuberant and interactive book is bound to get children moving and grooving. Spirited rhymes invite youngsters to explore the wonders of their own bodies, such as leaping with their legs and bending at their knees.
Ages: Babies, Toddler, Preschooler
Themes: Health and Nutrition
Types: Read Aloud
Hush, Little Ones
by John Butler
Animal babies spanning the globe are put to sleep by their parents. Through soothing, repetitive text, little animals are tucked in for the night in their natural habitats. This is the perfect bedtime story for any young child.
Ages: Babies, Toddler, Preschooler
Themes: Family
Types: Read Aloud
I Smell Honey
by Andrea Davis Pinkney
A little girl uses all her senses to describe her mom's cooking. She smells honey in the sweet potato pie and feels the wet leaves of collard greens. Once the delicious meal is finished, they join together as a family to feast.
Ages: Babies, Toddler, Preschooler
Themes: Family, Multicultural
Types: Read Aloud
Inside Freight Train
by Donald Crews
Based on the classic Freight Train, Donald Crews provides a close look inside each freight train car with this innovative board book. Each page contains a special sliding door so children can actually open the car and see what's inside. The text describes how the cattle car transports livestock and the refrigerator car holds fruits and vegetables.
Ages: Babies, Toddler, Preschooler
Themes: Transportation
Types: Read Aloud
Llama Llama, Red Pajama
by Anna Dewdney
Baby llama cannot go to sleep without his mama. He worries and frets when she does not come right away. This delightful rhyming story is perfect for any family who has struggled to get a little one to sleep at night.
Ages: Babies, Toddler, Preschooler
Themes: Family, Feelings
Types: Read Aloud
Machines At Work
by Byron Barton
Bold colored pictures and simple text show a variety of construction vehicles at work. Dump trucks work hard to unload their rubble, cranes lift beams into place, and workers take a break to eat their lunch. Other titles by the author include Airplanes, Trucks, and Wheels.
Ages: Babies, Toddler, Preschooler
Themes: Transportation
Types: Read Aloud
Maisy's Train
by Lucy Cousins
Climb aboard as Maisy travels across the countryside on her train. Along the way she meets some of her favorite friends, like rabbit and goat.
Ages: Babies, Toddler
Themes: Transportation
Types: Read Aloud
by Audrey Wood
Your child will love this creative spin on the nursery rhyme classic “Little Piggies.” Stunning, full-page illustrations depict a group of silly little pigs dancing, skipping, and playing on top of a child's little piggies.
Ages: Babies, Toddler, Preschooler
Types: Read Aloud
Shelia Rae's Peppermint Stick
by Kevin Henkes
Shelia Rae has a delicious peppermint stick that she plans to eat all by herself. However, Shelia Rae also has a sister who would like a lick of the tasty treat. Like a typical big sister, Shelia Rae puts her sister through a series of tests before she can have a taste. Using simple text and bright, appealing pictures, Kevin Henkes produces another delightful masterpiece for youngsters.
Ages: Babies, Toddler, Preschooler
Themes: Family, Holidays
Types: Read Aloud
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