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No, David!
by David Shannon
Your little one will connect with David as he gets into mischief throughout the house. As he plays with his food, jumps on the bed, and tracks mud into the house, he receives the same response from his family-- "No, David!" In the end, however, he receives the most important message of all--"Yes, David. I love you!" Caldecott Honor, 1999
Ages: Toddler, Preschooler, Kindergartner
Themes: Family, Feelings
Types: Read Aloud
by Kevin Henkes
This story captures the excitement two toddlers feel after waking up to the season's first snowfall. Out the door they run to frolic in the powdery wonderland with their animal friends.
Ages: Toddler, Preschooler, Kindergartner, First-grader
Themes: Friends, Seasons
Types: Read Aloud
On Mother's Lap
by Ann Herbert Scott
A young Inuit boy is worried about the new baby in his house. Will there be enough room on mother's lap for him? His mother reassures him that there will always be plenty of room for everyone on her lap.
Ages: Babies, Toddler, Preschooler
Themes: Family, Multicultural
Types: Read Aloud
Our Granny
by Margaret Wild
Grannies come in all shapes and sizes. Grandmothers are celebrated in this beautiful picture book as two youngsters describe everything they love about their own granny.
Ages: Toddler, Preschooler, Kindergartner
Themes: Family
Types: Read Aloud
Owen's Marshmallow Chick
by Kevin Henkes
Owen receives an Easter basket full of his favorites treats--gumdrops, buttercream eggs, and a big chocolate bunny. He also receives a little marshmallow chick that he loves too much to eat. Your child will enjoy the bright pictures and simple, repetitive text of this holiday favorite.
Ages: Babies, Toddler, Preschooler
Themes: Holidays
Types: Read Aloud
Pat the Bunny
by Dorothy Kunhardt
This interactive book was first published in 1940 and has remained a favorite for babies and toddlers. Pat the Bunny depicts two children, Paul and Judy, who perform various actions, such as patting a bunny, putting on their mother's ring, and playing peek-a-boo. The book's special features--a hole for a ring and a furry bunny--invite children to do as Paul and Judy do.
Ages: Babies, Toddler
Types: Read Aloud
Pete's a Pizza
by William Steig
Pete has nothing to do on a dreary, rainy day until his father turns him into a pizza. In this hilarious story, Pete's father kneads and stretches him, covers him with toppings and tosses him into the oven.
Ages: Toddler, Preschooler, Kindergartner
Themes: Family
Types: Read Aloud
Picture This...
by Alison Jay
At first glance, with large, beautiful illustrations and bold-print words, Picture This... seems like the perfect book for the youngest reader. However, with a closer look, you can find a subtle storyline and many hidden surprises.
Ages: Toddler, Preschooler, Kindergartner, First-grader, Second-grader
Themes: Art, Seasons
Types: Read Aloud, Read to Self
Preschool to the Rescue
by Judy Sierra
A mysterious mud puddle swallows up a preschool's toys. How will they save their beloved trucks? Your young one will enjoy this silly tale about a group of clever preschoolers who manage to save their toys from the hungry mud puddle.
Ages: Toddler, Preschooler, Kindergartner
Themes: School
Types: Read Aloud
Pretend You're a Cat
by Jean Marzolla
What can you do like a cat? This fun, rhyming book invites children to imitate the actions and sounds of familiar animals. Award-winning illustrator Jerry Pinkney provides amazing drawings of children that will inspire your child's imagination.
Ages: Toddler, Preschooler, Kindergartner
Types: Read Aloud
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