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Fireboat: The Heroic Adventures of the John J. Harvey
by Maira Kalman
In New York City, a group of friends restored a fireboat that had been taken out of service for being too old. On September 11, the collapse of the Twin Towers buried hydrants and pipes, so the New York City Fire Department desperately needed the John J. Harvey to pump water from the river to fight the blaze. For four days, the boat pumped along side the other fireboats and proved it could be of service again.
Ages: Second-grader, Third-grader
Themes: Nonfiction
Types: Read Aloud
George Washington's Teeth
by Deborah Chandra
With the backdrop of the Revolutionary War, the book focuses on a more human side of the Nation's first President. George Washington is renowned for having trouble with his teeth. The verse and humorous drawings will introduce children to a lighter side of American history.
Ages: First-grader, Second-grader, Third-grader
Themes: Poetry
Types: Read Aloud, Read to Self
Girls A to Z
by Eve Bunting
This clever alphabet book challenges children to use their imaginations to think about roles for women. Twenty-six girls enjoy twenty-six occupations in this interesting book. The creative illustrations epitomize expansive thinking.
Ages: Kindergartner, First-grader, Second-grader, Third-grader
Themes: Letters and Numbers, Occupations
Types: Read Aloud, Read to Self
Going North
by Janice Harrington
Seeking better jobs and education, the author's family moves from segregated Alabama to Nebraska in 1964. The book documents some of the realities African-American families had to face before many of the changes of the civil rights movement took effect.
Ages: Second-grader, Third-grader
Themes: Multicultural
Types: Read Aloud, Read to Self
Harvesting Hope: The Story of Cesar Chavez
by Kathleen Krull
Shy as a boy, Cesar Chavez becomes the unrelenting spokesman for the rights of farm workers and founds the United Farm Workers union. Through non-violent protests and marches, Chavez galvanizes his fellow migrant farm workers to fight for fair and healthy working conditions.
Ages: Second-grader, Third-grader
Themes: Biography, Multicultural
Types: Read Aloud
Horse Hooves and Chicken Feet: Mexican Folktales
by Neil Philip
This collection of Mexican folktales captures the melding of cultures--indigenous and Spanish Catholic--in Mexican folk culture. The illustrations are based on the vibrant and colorful folk art of Mexico as well. These stories will make enchanting read-alouds for the reader and audience alike.
Ages: Third-grader
Themes: Multicultural
Types: Read Aloud
Ian's Walk: A Story about Autism
by Laurie Lears
Told from the perspective of his sisters, Ian, a young boy with autism, ventures out to the park one afternoon. This moving story presents the complex feelings that siblings of children with disabilities often experience. Both sisters feel embarrassed and angry by Ian's behavior but then come to embrace his unique way of experiencing the world.
Ages: Kindergartner, First-grader, Second-grader, Third-grader
Themes: Family, Special Needs
Types: Read Aloud, Read to Self
Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang
by Mordecai Richler
In this recent reissue of a favorite read-aloud for children, Jacob Two-Two proves the resourcefulness of the youngest in a family--with the help of Child Power--against the Hooded Fang.
Ages: Second-grader, Third-grader
Themes: Fantasy
Types: Read Aloud
Jenius: The Amazing Guinea Pig
by Dick King-Smith
Judy has a hard time convincing her parents and class that her guinea pig can be trained to do tricks. She never loses faith and confides in her diary that Jenius will come through in the end.
Ages: Second-grader, Third-grader
Themes: School
Types: Read to Self
Little Raccoon
by Lilian Moore
Little Raccoon conquers his fears as he ventures into the big woods and beyond. Lively adventures with other animals fill this early chapter book.
Ages: Second-grader, Third-grader
Types: Read to Self

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